PetFirst Partners with Sam's Club, Provides Pet Insurance
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PetFirst Partners With Sam’s Club To Provide Pet Insurance To Members

by MetLife Pet Insurance
7 years ago


PetFirst, a pet health insurance company, recently partnered with Sam’s Club to offer pet insurance to its members. Members can now purchase pet insurance gift cards for an entire year worth of coverage online through the Sam’s Club website. These exclusive plans provide a $1,000 or $2,000 annual benefit, and reimburse 90 percent of veterinary expenses after a $100 per-incident deductible.
“PetFirst is excited to launch this exclusive product to Sam’s Club members,” said Clint Lawrence, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at PetFirst. “It is always a great opportunity to work with an organization whose mission is similar to your own. Both PetFirst and Sam’s Club strive to provide great-value pet products and services to consumers, so there is great synergy.”
PetFirst pet insurance through Sam’s Club is offered online and is available for any breed dog or cat, age eight weeks to nine years. It will reimburse pet owners for injuries, illnesses, emergency or holistic care, as well as breed-specific, congenital and chronic conditions such as cancer and allergies to hip dysplasia and diabetes. This exclusive plan allows pet owners to purchase an entire year of coverage for less than $200, and the plan is renewable for the life of the pet with the option to cancel at any time without penalty.
“PetFirst is dedicated making pet insurance plans accessible and affordable,” said Lawrence, “We’re excited to partner with Sam’s Club to educate pet owners about a product that allows them to provide their pets the veterinary care they need and deserve, without having to worry about the cost.”

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