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January’s Claim of the Month: Dawn & Lily Save on Surgery Costs

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
1 year ago

I have been a member of the PetFirst family since 2015 but like most of us do with our insurance, I forgot about how beneficial it is to have coverage.

My 7 year old dog, Lily, had not been herself for several weeks. We were making weekly vet trips for a month for fluids, tests, and medications. Then, the week of Thanksgiving, she stopped eating her food and she was drinking very little water. The day before Thanksgiving, Lily choked up some blood and that’s when I stopped all of the Thanksgiving prep and took Lily to her vet. Lily was hospitalized for two days with no improvement.  After a long discussion with her veterinarian, we were given 2 choices: an expensive exploratory surgery or put Lilly down.

After this news, my family and I were extremely stressed. Not only were we worried about Lily, but my husband and I were also worried about how much Lily’s surgery would cost-especially during the holidays!

Even though the surgery would cost over $2,000, no one was ready to say goodbye to Lily. We made the decision for her to undergo the exploratory surgery. They found out Lily had eaten a tape measure but by some miracle, no penetration or punctures to her stomach lining or intestines had occurred!

Lily is recovering from her surgery beautifully! I was able to file her claim for $4,709.77 and PetFirst reimbursed us $4,091.82! I had all but forgotten about my pet insurance and never thought I would need to use it. Now, I’m so thankful I made the decision years ago to invest in pet insurance, I value it more than ever! PetFirst really came through for me this holiday season and everyone is so excited to have a happy and healthy Lily back at home!

– Dawn S., Sellersburg, IN



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