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Nigel’s Case of Feline Calicivirus

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
3 years ago

I adopted an adorable little grey/white tabby named “Nigel” in June from Animal Humane Society. He was an energetic, happy and healthy kitten with no signs of illness until early September. One morning I noticed Nigel just seemed a bit off. He wasn’t his normal playful and crazy self, but rather quite sleepy and borderline lethargic all morning. I instantly knew something wasn’t quite right when he refused to touch his food or even get up from his bed. It was a Sunday morning so I knew I’d have to bring him into an E-clinic if he didn’t start perking up in the next few hours. I dreaded the thought of having to pay a hefty E-clinic bill, but then I remembered I had PetFirst! 

It was a huge sigh of relief for me knowing that I wouldn’t be stuck with huge vet bill if I needed to take him into the E-clinic that day. Unfortunately, Nigel’s condition didn’t improve over the next couple of hours. He became increasingly lethargic, felt very warm to the touch, and started acting extremely painful to the point where he couldn’t walk or really use his back legs at all. I rushed him to the E-clinic and hoped for the best. After a long wait and several diagnostics, it was still a little unclear what had happened to him, but the vet suspected he had contracted Feline Calicivirus, causing “limping kitten syndrome” which can cause a high fever, depression, inappetence, and localized stiffness and pain causing him to be reluctant to move or walk. Nigel’s fever had spiked up to 106.0 F at one point and he just looked sad and defeated. He was started on supportive care at the clinic that needed to be continued at home (otherwise he would have needed to be hospitalized). He was started antibiotics, pain meds, SQ fluids, etc. The vet bill ended up being around $300. But luckily PetFirst would cover all of it after the deductible.

The process to submit a claim was also super quick and easy! I used the online portal to submit the claim. It was as simple as uploading pictures of my adoption paperwork and Nigel’s vet records right from my phone to the online portal. And boom! Just like that, the claim was submitted. I received a check in the mail about 1 week later. Not only did I receive a reimbursement from PetFirst, but most importantly Nigel was back to his wild and crazy self within about 5 days. I had an extremely positive experience with PetFirst from start to finish, and would recommend it to any pet owner in a heartbeat!


Thank you to Brianna for allowing us to share Nigel’s story. Make sure that you are not left uncovered in case of an accident or illness. Get a quote today!  

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