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How to File a Claim

Has your dog or cat recently visited the veterinarian for an injury or illness? Provide PetFirst the following items to ensure your claim is processed quickly:

    • Completed & Signed Claim Form
    • Veterinary Medical Records (SOAP Notes) from Incident
    • Itemized Invoice from Incident

If you’re headed to the vet and worried you’ll forget something, simply view below for additional information.

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Veterinary Medical Records

Commonly referred to as SOAP notes, these can be digital records or handwritten from your veterinarian. If this is your first claim with PetFirst, we also require the last 12-months of veterinary records. If you adopted your pet and this is your first claim, we require the adoption paperwork and any veterinary records you may have.

Download Sample Vet Forms

Hassle-Free Vet Follow-Up! After you submit your claim, PetFirst will contact your vet if we’re missing any information.

Itemized Invoice

These invoices may be digital or handwritten and are also provided by your veterinarian’s office. To process your claim and maximize your reimbursement, we must have an itemized invoice to show the charges broken down and not just a total cost.

Download Sample Invoices

Completed Claim Form

A complete Claim Form will help you get the fastest reimbursement possible. Claim forms should be completed by the pet owner, and much of the necessary information and documentation should be included within the records and documents from your veterinarian.

Download a Claim Form

Submitting Your Pet Insurance Claim is Simple!

All claims and documents must be submitted within 90 days of the treatment or invoice date. There are several options for submitting your claim and veterinary records, including via PetFirst’s online MyPets portal, email, fax, or standard mail.

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