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How Does Pet Insurance Work?

Pet insurance for dogs and cats works differently than human healthcare plans. Medical insurance for pets is owner reimbursement based. This works in favor for pet parents since it allows you to use any licensed veterinarian, emergency clinic or specialist in the United States. You never have to worry if a provider is “in-network”, because there are no networks.

Pet Health Insurance Basics

Pet Insurance Deductibles: 

Similar to human insurance, pet insurance has deductibles. Pet Insurance deductibles work just like other insurance deductibles. This is the portion that the policyholder has to pay before the insurer pays. There are two types of deductibles, annual and per incident. PetFirst offers a wide range of deductible levels so that pet parents can find a plan that fits their budget.

Pet Insurance Premiums: 

The cost of pet insurance it determined by several different variables: what level of coverage selected, the type and age of the pet, geographic area. You can help control the cost of your premium by selecting higher deductibles and and what percentage you wish to cover after the deductible has been met.

What does Pet Insurance Cover? 

Every provider has a slightly different policy with different coverage and exclusions. You can compare pet insurance providers to get a better idea of what each covers. Like most providers, PetFirst covers accidents, illnesses, hospitalizations, surgeries, etc. However, PetFirst also covers exam fees and prescriptions with no additional riders required. Also, PetFirst has no upper age limits, which make PetFirst a great option for those searching for senior pet insurance.

Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

The answer to this question can only fully be answered by the pet parent. Determining if pet insurance is worth it depends completely on what your are hoping to accomplish from having the pet insurance. Pet Insurance is designed to provide peace of mind to anyone who is concerned about getting an unexpected and costly veterinary bill for their pet.  Pet Insurance allows you to worry less and just focus on your pet. 



How it Works


Take your pet to any vet

Visit any licensed vet, emergency clinic, or specialist in the US. There's no network of providers to worry about.

Send us your claim

Pay your bill at the vet, then send us your claim along with vet records and an invoice from the visit.

Get money back quickly

PetFirst will follow-up with your vet for any missing info. Claims are processed in less than 2 weeks.

Sammie survives a venomous run-in

Sammie Shayne is a playful pup who had an unfortunate run-in with a Copperhead snake. After noticing on bite on her nose, she was rushed to the vet to receive antivenin.

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Total Vet Bill PetFirst Reimbursed



$1,260 $1,044

How do I file a claim?

Filing a claim is much easier than you might think. You’ll need three things:

  • Medical records from your vet’s office
  • Itemized invoice from the vet’s office
  • A completed and signed claim form

When you’ve got those documents in order, you can submit your claim to PetFirst. Once your claim has been filed, PetFirst will reach out to your vet if there’s any additional information we need. Hassle-free! 

Download a Claim Form

Learn More About Filing a Claim

Where do I submit my claim?

You can submit your claim via PetFirst Pet Insurance’s online portal, email, fax, or mail. Be sure to send the claim form, veterinary records, and an itemized invoice in order to get your claim processed quickly and money back your pocket. You must submit a claim within 90 days of the treatment or invoice date.


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