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A Short List of the Most Expensive Pooches to Insure

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
5 years ago

Approximately 46.3 million U.S. households own a dog, but not all of those dogs are insured. In fact, most of them aren’t! 

It’s no secret that quality pet care and pet insurance is important to any animal’s health, but did you know that some dogs are more expensive to insure than others? Here’s a short list of the dogs that require the most expensive pet health insurance plans.  

Great Danes 

Great Danes 63%25 more Expensive to Care for image

Pet insurance policies for Great Danes are on average 63% more expensive than other pet insurance for dogs. Due to their size, Great Danes experience a variety of heart issues that require surgical attention later in life. In addition, these dogs are prone to a disorder called bloat and torsion, in which their stomach twists and air is trapped inside. The only way to save the dog’s life in this instance is surgery.  

English Bulldogs 

The English Bulldog has a rich history and a memorable, scrunchable face, but adorable appearances come at a cost. English Bulldogs are especially prone to respiratory issues and skin infections. In addition, heat has a significant effect on their biology and leads to even more health issues.  

Irish Wolfhounds 

Another giant dog breed that brings some giant problems for pet owners, Irish Wolfhounds are susceptible to progressive retinal atrophy, cardiomyopathy, and canine hip dysplasia. These conditions are a result of the dog’s size, and they are part of the reason behind such expensive pet insurance plans.  

Bernese Mountain Dogs 

This breed might be one of the fluffiest dogs out there, but they’re also one of the most expensive to care for. One of the most common issues in this breed is hypothyroidism, which can adversely affect hormone levels and metabolism. As a result, pet health policies are usually around 58% more expensive on average for this type of prize-winning pooch.  

Practicing proper pet health is crucial to your furry friends living long and happy lives. If you’re considering bringing one of these breeds home, make sure you’re aware of their common health issues so that you’re prepared to handle them in the future. Remember, your dog is a friend for life, not just for a season.

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