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Pet Insurance Discounts

Who doesn’t love to save money and keep their pet insurance cost down? At PetFirst, we strive to make pet insurance as affordable as possible. Here are some discounts we make available so your dog insurance or cat insurance policy doesn’t break the bank. You could provide your pet with some of the best pet insurance coverage for as little as $1 per day.

Pet Insurance Internet Discount*

This discount is exclusively for pet parents who purchase their pet health insurance policy online. This IAIC online discount is only $10 in all states. We are only able to apply this discount to online purchases and it is not available through our call center.

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*Internet purchase discount is not available in CA, pending in NY.

Corporate Employee Member Discount*

This discount is for employer or member groups that have signed up to provide PetFirst Pet Insurance as a voluntary benefit for employees. Employee benefit groups can save 5%-10% on their pet insurance premium.

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*IAIC employee/member group discount is not approved in TN, pending in NY. 

Animal Care Employee Discount*

This discount applies to any veterinary or animal welfare employees, including vet clinics, animal rescue organizations and shelters. We know you dedicate your life to helping better the welfare and care of pets, so we offer a 10% discount on all your cat or dog insurance plans from PetFirst.

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*IACI approved in all states, pending NY.

Multiple Pet Insurance Policies Discount*

According to the 2015-2016 survey from the American Pet Products Association, 65% of U.S. households own a pet, with 42% of those households owning more than one pet. As pet parents ourselves, we know the more pets in the house, the more likely you’ll end up at the veterinarian’s office. Due to this, we offer a 5% discount on your second policy, and a 10% discount on your third policy and beyond. This discount is automatically applied in the quote process.

Tips for Multiple Pet Families

  • When getting a quote, for those with cats, be sure to get their quote first – they are usually cheaper than dogs.
  • Start with your younger pets, and work your way up to your older pets.
  • Large purebred dogs are usually more expensive than smaller breeds, so be sure to add them last.

See how affordable we make providing coverage for your entire furry family!

Deductible Savings*

Have a healthy pet? Great news! PetFirst is one of the only providers that offers deductible savings. For each year that your pet in claim free, you will automatically receive a $25 reduction in your deductible amount.

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*these discounts are not available in all states. For more information on state specific discounts, coverage and exclusions, please contact us.

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