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We strive to be a source of pet information for policyholders and pet owners alike. The Pet Resource Center provides pet health tips, fun DY pet projects, frequently asked questions, and helpful information about pet insurance.

Pet Insurance Comparisons

We’ve combed through the pet insurance plans our competitors are offering and show you a side-by-side comparison of the best pet insurance plans for dogs and cats.

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Pet Insurance Provider PetFirst ASPCA Embrace Figo NationWide Healthy Paws Pet Plan Pets Best Trupanion
Covers All Breeds & Ages

All Ages and Breeds are Covered Under PetFirst

PetFirst offers coverage for all pets, regardless of age or breed. Competitors often won't cover senior pets or high risk breeds.

Shortest Waiting Periods for Industry

PetFirst Has the Industry's Shortest Waiting Period

Your pet's accident coverage begins at midnight EST following enrollment and illness coverage begins 14 days later.

Healthy Pet Discount

Healthy Pet Discount

PetFirst is the only insurer to provide a healthy pet discount upon renewal if no accident or illness claims are submitted.

No Initial Exam/Past Vet Notes Required

No Initial Vet Exam is Required to Obtain Coverage from PetFirst

PetFirst offers coverage for all pets, regardless of age or breed without a vet exam. Some competitors require a vet visit to receive coverage.

No Sign Up Fee

No Sign-up or Cancellation Fees

PetFirst provides a 14-day money back guarantee and never charges a fee for sign-up or cancellation of your pets policy.

Hip Dysplasia (with no additional wait period)

Hip Dysplasia (No Wait Period)

PetFirst offers chronic care coverage with no per-incident wait limits and does not require an additional wait period on hip dysplasia, patella luxations, or orthopedic conditions.

Aging Pet Ear & Eye Conditions
Bi-lateral Conditions
Vaccinatable Diseases
Prescription Coverage

Prescription Coverage

Injuries Caused by Housemates

Injuries Caused by Housemates

No Schedule of Benefits
No Diagnostic Test Limit

No Diagnostic Test Limit

No Customary Charge Restrictions
Experimental & Investigational Treatments
More than One Foreign Body Ingestion

More than One Foreign Body Ingestion

PetFirst covers unlimited foreign body ingestions.

Dermatological Conditions

Dermatological Conditions

PetFirst offers chronic care coverage with no per-incident limits for issues like allergies, diabetes, cancer and orthopedic issues as long as there is not a lapse in coverage.

Routine Care Options

Routine Care Options

PetFirst pet insurance offers exam fee coverage and the shortest waiting periods in the industry.

Orthopedics (with no wait period)


PetFirst offers plans with no additional wait period on hip dysplasia, patella luxations or orthapedic conditions.

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal Disease

PetFirst offers pet insurance plans that cover periodontal disease.

Holistic/Alternative Therapy

Holistic/Alternative Therapy

PetFirst provides reimbursement for holistic care and alternative therapies.


Cruciates Coverage

Cruciates are covered after 12-months on your PetFirst pet insurance plan.


Chronic Conditions

PetFirst does not limit the benefit amount per year due to chronic ailments.

Exam Fee Coverage

Exam Fee Coverage

PetFirst pet insurance provides reimbursement for exam fees.

No Per-Incident Limit

No Per-Incident Limit

Per-incident limits are the highest amount a company will cover for a specific ailment. PetFirst offers chronic care coverage with no per-incident limits.

No Lifetime Limit

No Lifetime Limit

Some companies restrict the benefit amount for your pet over its lifetime, PetFirst does not.

No Neuter/Spay Requirement

No Neuter/Spay Requirement

PetFirst does not require the spay or neuter of your pet in order to obtain or maintain coverage.

No Annual Care Requirements to Keep Coverage

No Annual Care Requirements to Keep Coverage

Unlike some competitors, PetFirst does not have any annual care requirements in order for your pets policy to remain active.

No Time Restrictions on Starting Treatment

No Additional Wait Periods for Your Pet

PetFirst pet insurance doesn't require and additional wait period to start treatment for conditions such as hip dysplasia, patella luxations or orthopedic conditions.

Accident midnight EST following activation midnight EST following activation 2 days 5 days 14 days after approval 15 days 5 days 3 days 5 days
Illness 14 days 14 days 14 days 14 days 14 days after approval 15 days 15 days 14 days 30 days
No Cancellation Fee

No Sign-up or Cancellation Fees

PetFirst provides a 14-day money back guarantee and never charges a fee for sign-up or cancellation of your pets policy.

Customer Testimonials

The cost would have been overwhelming to us if not for our PetFirst Pet Insurance. It was so easy to submit the claim, the customer service representatives were very kind and helpful. Read More

Joycelyn B. | Pet parent of Iggy & PetFirst policyholder since 2013

My pup Sherbert got Parvo Virus within the first week of adopting her. Luckily the humane society provided a 30 day trial of PetFirst.. I extended it and... it’s the best thing I have ever done. Read More

Bryanna | Pet Parent to Sherbert and Porkchop

She slipped out of my arms. I wanted to die. I rushed her to the vet and x-rays revealed a broken leg. What followed was a nightmare... Read More

Elise Popowitz | PetFirst policyholder and proud pet parent of Bug

I feel that having pets is a big responsibility and I want to be sure they are well taken care of. That is why I have carried insurance on both my dogs since they were puppies. Read More

Angie Swindle | PetFirst policyholder and proud pet parent of Bianca

The cost would have been overwhelming to us if not for our PetFirst Pet Insurance. It was so easy to submit the claim, the customer service representatives were very kind and helpful. Read More

Joycelyn B. | Pet parent of Iggy & PetFirst policyholder since 2013

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Frequently Asked Questions

After I enroll can I change my deductible or reimbursement level?

Absolutely! You can raise or lower your deductible or reimbursement level at any time. If you decide to do this, simply call us at 866-937-7387 to make adjustments. There’s no lead time for raising or lowering your rates or levels, so the changes will become effective immediately.

Are there any types of caps or maximum limits?

No! There is no maximum to your benefits, and you will have coverage for the entirety of your pet’s life without a payout cap. Our pet health policies have robust annual limits, which reset at the beginning of a new policy year. There are no per-incident limits on our plans; so if you need to use the entirety of your annual limit all at once, you can.

Can I change my deductible? Are there penalties for doing so?

Feel free to change your deductible as often as once a month without penalties, though keep in mind that any conditions previously covered would be subject to the higher deductible. Since our policy deductibles are per-incident, once it’s met for a specific illness or injury, that deductible is no longer required, and we’re able to cover up to 90% of all future claims related to that concern, depending on the percentage reimbursement selected on your policy.

Questions about changes in your deductible? Contact a PetFirst representative for more clarity.

Does my pet have to be spayed or neutered to be eligible for coverage? Do you cover spaying & neutering?

We’re happy to provide coverage for spayed or neutered dogs and cats,but we offer the same high-quality care for those who aren’t. We do not cover the cost of spaying and neutering in our plans, but we’ll help with some of the costs if you have our routine 250 and 400 riders. You’ll need to have those already in place in order to receive reimbursement for spaying and neutering.

Does my pet need a vet exam to qualify for coverage?

No. We don’t require a veterinary exam to qualify for a PetFirst plan or for your coverage to begin.

Does PetFirst cover alternative medicine/therapies?

Yes! If the treatment you choose is offered by a licensed veterinarian, alternative medicines/therapies are covered by your plan.

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PetFirst Reviews from

Roseann Meale
10 months ago
We have had Pet First Insurance 8 months. At the time my dog had no problems, was in great health. Shortly after moving we noticed that her breathing was not the same, which started an endless trip to the vet,...
Kim Flemm
10 months ago
Working with PetFirst is easy - claims get paid very fast with no hassle!
2 years ago
I've only had to claim a few issues with my Lab, however each time PetFirst has been there and helped me with any questions I had and with prompt responses to claims! Everyone that asks if I have pet insurance...
Kathy Odell
2 years ago
We adopted a senior Miniature Pinscher/Chihuahua about 4 months ago from a shelter and he suddenly came down with a bad cough over the weekend. After a weekend emergency vet visit and a visit to our regular vet on Monday,...
Donna Herald
2 years ago
I searched for months for a pet insurance that would accept elderly dogs and cover breeding emergencies. Pet First is the only one that covered all my needs and is surprising affordable. My 15 year old poodle needed growths removed...
Amber Windell
2 years ago
I had heard of pet insurance but really didn't believe in it much. A friend's dog was diagnosed with Addison's disease and her vet bills were outrageous. I decided to look into it and PetFirst was the best plan I...
Alicia Williams
2 years ago
Our dog Greta had to have surgery to correct a blocked bile duct which affected her liver and gallbladder. This was necessary to save her life . The total care was over $5,000.00 . Within two weeks of submitting our...
2 years ago
I always rescue my dogs, but in a weak moment, I purchased an adorable puppy from a breeder a few years ago. I was assured that the puppy was vaccinated and in good health, but he soon fell ill from...
Patricia L, Oakboro, North Carolina
1 year ago
Great Company, I have had several large claims i n the 8 yrs Chewy has been alive. They never disappointed me. If it hadn't been for Pet First, I would have had to make a decision no one ever wants...
Dani S.
3 years ago
I have had Pet First since my Boxer was 4 months. When he turned 5 and his renewal was up I was not going to increase his coverage b/c he was healthy. The agent on the phone recommended that I...
Chelsea Carroll
3 years ago
Our dog ate some Hydroxycut that spilled on the floor. We had no idea how many he ate since the entire bottled spilled. We rushed him to the emergency vet where he had his stomach pumped and had to stay...
Probably the only insurance company I have ever had consistently good service from and interaction with. I had 1 policy with them on a new cat I adopted and everything went so well with claims that I got policies for my 2 other animals. Definitely worth the monthly payment!
Jason Wever
18:44 29 Nov 18
Amazing dog insurance! I couldn’t be any happier with the service that is provided by them. They reviewed all of my claims and issued my reimbursement checks within 20 days of me submitting the online claim. Their service and coverages are great.
Betina Guimaraes
13:22 07 Nov 18
I had 30 free days of insurance with PetFirst when I adopted my dog Maggie. I had to take her in with an emergency after two weeks, and I was so thankful I was covered by PetFirst. Their claims process was incredibly easy, and I got reimbursed in about a week. If you're looking for a user-friendly website and claim process, give PetFirst a chance!
Samantha Feroce
11:53 31 Oct 18
They have been nothing but helpful in our claims with Kash our new pup thus far. Prompt service, courteous and do what they say they will. Great service!
Natasha Day
20:18 22 Oct 18
Very informative and easy to work with. Got a free month from my state’s humane society. Very good way to introduce insurance for your pet. I’ve owned several rescued pets. This is my first time to carry insurance. I see where it will be cost effective for me with three dogs.
R Boyd
18:48 13 Oct 18
I love this company! My English Bulldog Oliver had 2 mast cell tumors removed this past year (2 different claims), and PetFirst reimbursed me for the majority of these bills! They are life saviors. For anyone even considering buying pet insurance it is definitely worth it! Especially for the peace of mind (veterinary bills can get extremely expensive fast). When I was in the 24 hour veterinary specialty clinic I met a man who’s 1 year old blood hound got hit by a car earlier in the week (his dog had 2 broken hips). His children were devastated. This poor man told me he didn’t have pet insurance either. I felt bad for him.
Ashley Camper
20:19 29 Sep 18
I am so grateful that pet insurance is available to cover our furry friends, and after tons of research and even trying out a few competitor's plans in the past, I have found PetFirst to be the absolute best. I no longer have to wait and worry about being able to take my pets to the vet when they are sick or hurt. If it is more than just an upset tummy or sore muscles from playing a little too hard, I know I can take them to their regular vet or emergency hospital and get them whatever they need.I chose the $50 deductible with 90% reimbursement so I don't have to worry about my part of the cost of the visit afterwards. I have a Zero interest credit card specifically designed for medical expenses (offered by most doctors and veterinarians) and it offers 6 mos-18 mos interest free if balance paid before promotion ends. I never have to worry about paying it off in time because with PetFirst it is usually less than 2 weeks to receive my reimbursement check.People may think they can't afford pet insurance, but I say how can I not? I have limited income and I still make sure to set aside for the insurance. Not being able to get medical care for my pets or having to possibly choose to euthanize them because a treatment is too costly isn't a decision I have to worry about. That peace of mind is worth giving up a couple of extras each month so that my fur babies are all protected.Also, having the lifetime plan is extra comfort, because if they ever develop anything chronic, they will always be covered for that in the future.Thanks PetFirst for allowing me to be able to always give my pets whatever care they need in case they get sick or hurt. I may give up cable or eating out, but I will never give up our pet insurance!
Michelle Moyers
03:50 26 Sep 18
I have had dogs all my life and have stupidly never gotten pet insurance... ( my bad)... after losing our last dog in June, we rescued another dog and the rescue group took out a 30 day policy on our new furkid. Free for us. After talking with Pet First, I ended up just taking a policy out after the 30 days were up and oh boy am I glad we did. We had issues with his stomach and I sent all the paper work in and viola! A check within 3 weeks! Just fantastic! I highly recommend this company!
Lisa Bryant
18:56 19 Aug 18
Claims process is easy and quick. Monthly premiums has been reasonable so far for level of coverage. Happy with Pet First customer service; very helpful and responsive.
Denise Batistelli
18:13 16 Aug 18
Great company to work with. They are truly there to help you in any way that they can. I have a Tibetan mastiff puppy who has had some major issues as he has grown up and I’m not sure what I would have done without petfirst! Their claims process is quick and easy! Receiving a check is usually within days of your claim being approved. You can upload every document right through their website, or email any forms directly to them. I don’t have time for the back and forth nonsense which you would typically expect from any type of insurance company...but that is truly not the case here. Thank you!
Lindsay Samela
15:58 07 Aug 18
Excellent Insurance! Extremely helpful and caring Customer Service! I have carried insurance on my Pets for Several Years, hoping I don’t need it. I really have been Pleased with this Company. They really came through recently when my Dog had an Ear Cancer. They helped pay for almost 5,000. Dollars in Surgery and Medication. I did not have to stress about how I was going to pay for his Treatment. They have Customer Service Individuals you become familiar with and that is also reassuring. I am extremely Satsified with how this Company handled all of my questions.
Janet Bradley
15:11 18 Jul 18
When we adopted our little girl Sunny from the SPCA they were kind enough to give us an immediate free trial of this pet insurance. We called up first thing Monday morning and activated. (They do have limited weekend hours available too). The operator who helped us sign up was extremely friendly and informative. I was comforted knowing our new little family member was covered almost immediately should anything arise. That same week we took Sunny into the emergency vet because we thought she was having some breathing problems. $500 dollars later they sent us home with some Benadryl and a clean bill of health. I submitted my claim to PetsFirst within that same week. The process was easily outlined of what was required and had an easy upload option for the docs they required. The site stated the process could take up to 10 business days and I got a reply on day 7! To add to my excitement they were able to reimburse me almost all that I'd paid at the emergency vet. I will be sticking with PetFirst as my go to for my pet insurance needs. They really came through for us. A+ experience!
Jessica Joelle Cordero
21:40 26 Jun 18
This is a really helpful place for pet insurance. Very friendly service and it really pays to have pet insurance. they processed our claim and paid exactly as our policy a very short time!
Steve Willis
05:10 16 Jun 18
I AM SO IMPRESSED WITH PETFIRST. Really this was the first time I have ever had a puppy or insurance, and I see why its so needed. Honestly, I never thought i would use it, but after my puppy became sick, really sick, the vet bills piled up. We had to take her to an emergency vet, and get tons of iv fluids and on and on. Then 3000 dollars later and PetFirst has taken care of EVERYTHING. But the deductible. It saved us so much money and so many headaches. BUY THIS for your animal. You won't regret it.
Maria Niichel
01:46 12 Jun 18
George was professional and so very helpful today making sure that I received the right coverage for my rescue dog. Thanks much, George, - terrific customer service!
Barbara Phillips
17:22 29 May 18
The sales rep that helped me could not have been nicer, absolutely no preasure. Only wanted to help. Even gave me his private phone number in case I need something else. great job great service.
Donald Wallace
18:27 16 May 18
I've had my rescue dog for a year now. Poor little guy has had chronic diarrhea starting just a couple of weeks from when we adopted him. Luckily, we got a free trial of PetFirst insurance that we now gladly pay for. They have been great in paying without questions or hassles for all of the tests and treatment. Easier than most human health insurance.
Bruce Hirsch
16:57 09 Mar 18
their prices are really good and I would recommend this insurance. I never had a problem with them and I have gotten payment back from them fast. They have answered all of my questions. I have saved a lot of money with them being the first time to use this sort of insurance. I wouldn't go without now.
Mary Jacob
01:32 07 Mar 18
I’m very pleased with PetFirst Insurance. They are always friendly and informative when I call. I’m able to scan and send my claim without any issues. I receive prompt reimbursement within two weeks. Glad I have this in case of an emergency or expensive Dr. visit.
Li R.
22:38 06 Mar 18
I've had PetFirst Insurance for about a year now and it's been a real life-saver. It has the best coverage of any pet insurance plan I've heard of. We had an $800 emergency vet bill for my 2-year old lab mix (we thought she had an obstruction) and they reimbursed about $700 of it. The vet thought surgery might have been needed for a little while and I was really happy to have the insurance because PetFirst would've covered the majority of it. Their claim turnaround is pretty fast, I was able to get the reimbursement within a couple weeks and claims are really easy to file. Having PetFirst allows me to focus on my dog and her needs in an emergency without having to worry about the costs of treating her.
Annelise Denton
19:44 20 Feb 18
We just had a to file a claim for our dog. The claim form was very easy for our vet to follow. Had our reimbursement within two weeks. It was very easy. I recommend pet first insurance to all my friends with pets. Cindy
Cindy Kailey
22:12 27 Dec 17
Have had pets for the last 15 years and decided just last year to purchase a health insurance plan for my 2 dogs. I wasn't sure how this was going to work out and not sure if it was worth it. Well, found out it was totally worth it after my 7 year old greyhound was diagnosed with hemolitic anemia. We had lost another dog to this dreaded disease over 5 years ago and I was devastated. This time, we did catch it early and were able to treat it aggressively. Thank goodness, she survived and is back to her happy self. I gathered up all my bills and lab work and sent in my first claim to PetFirst pet insurance. Just received our reimbursement check in the mail yesterday. They paid a good portion of a very large bill and it made doing the right thing for our beloved pet that much easier. Plus it was an easy process too. No hassles at all. I will continue with the plans for both my dogs as long as they are with us! Highly recommend this insurance to any pet parent looking for peace of mind.
Renee Skoor
16:06 07 Nov 17
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