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We strive to be a source of pet information for policyholders and pet owners alike. The Pet Resource Center provides pet health tips, fun DY pet projects, frequently asked questions, and helpful information about pet insurance1.

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My pup Sherbert got Parvo Virus within the first week of adopting her. Luckily the humane society provided a 30 day trial of PetFirst.. I extended it and... it’s the best thing I have ever done. Read More

Bryanna | Pet Parent to Sherbert and Porkchop

She slipped out of my arms. I wanted to die. I rushed her to the vet and x-rays revealed a broken leg. What followed was a nightmare... Read More

Elise Popowitz | PetFirst policyholder and proud pet parent of Bug

I feel that having pets is a big responsibility and I want to be sure they are well taken care of. That is why I have carried insurance on both my dogs since they were puppies. Read More

Angie Swindle | PetFirst policyholder and proud pet parent of Bianca

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Frequently Asked Questions

If your pet has an ongoing prescription that you usually fill through your vet, it may be possible to utilize an online pet pharmacy or service. However, prior to switching your pet’s medication, you should contact your vet for their recommendation. If your pet is on maintenance medication, try to plan ahead and always have a two-week supply on hand.

The World Organization for Animal Health has announced that there is no evidence that cats or dogs spread the disease to humans, but that anyone who is sick should take precautions in contact with their animals as they would with people. This is an evolving pandemic and further studies are needed to have a definitive answer.

Chances are good that your pet will be happy to have so much time at home with you. To keep your pet from getting bored, especially if you are working from home for most of the day, give your pet a food puzzle toy to work on. For cats, hide little treats around the house so they can spend their time hunting for food.

During your free time, take your dog out for walks or runs or play fetch with them in your yard. For your cat, flash a laser light across the floor. You could also attach a small piece of feather to a stick and let your cat try to catch the feather.

Overall, while under quarantine, spend regular quality time with your pet throughout the day. Keep them busy while you’re working and give them lots of love when you’re not working.

Social distancing can end up feeling isolating because you are not able to interact with people as you normally would, and your usual outlets for entertainment and socializing (e.g., restaurants, malls) are likely closed. Having a pet during social distancing/quarantine can be good for your physical and mental health. For example, taking your dog out for a walk allows you to get some fresh air and exercise. Giving your pet a nice back or belly rub can help lower your anxiety and stress levels.

Our pets are very perceptive to our body language and emotions. If your pet senses that you are anxious or sad, don’t be surprised if they want to cuddle with you to lift your spirits.

Because this is an evolving pandemic and further research is still needed regarding the transmission of the virus, consider limiting your pet’s exposure and practicing good hygiene after interacting with your pet.

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