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Popular Holiday Gifts For Pets

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
4 years ago


Top gifts for dogs and cats for the 2016 Holidays.

The season for thankfulness and giving has arrived, and for many pet parents the family dog or cat has a stocking hung over the mantle too. Holiday shopping can get overwhelming—especially when it comes to pets. Because your cat or dog cannot tell you what he or she wants for the holidays, PetFirst has rounded up a list of the top six gifts to give your loyal companion this season.

  1. Elk Antlers: for the large-breed chewer, standard dog bones and chew toys just don’t hold up. Elk Antlers last longer, with many reviews raving about how they don’t stain carpets and don’t contain dyes. Additionally, the antler contains vitamins and minerals that help boost your dog’s health. While these chewing toys can be pricey (about $20 for a large whole antler), they hold up longer than other varieties of bones or antlers—such as deer antlers.
  2. Kong Classic: this rubber toy has been around for over thirty years, and continues to be a tried and true favorite for our canine counterparts. The Kong classic is available in multiple sizes, so no matter which breed of dog you call friend, there is a perfect size available. One of the greatest features about the Kong toy is that it can be filled with treats or peanut butter, keeping your dog entertained for hours. The Kong ranges in price from about $8-$25.
  3. Catit Design Senses Speed Circuit: This toy designed for felines features a light-up ball that zooms around an elevated track with peek-a-boo holes for your cat to see, chase, and, and swat at the ball. To change things up for added variety, the track can be laid out in multiple ways. The Catit Design Senses Speed Circuit has a list price around $26.
  4. The iFetch: does your dog want to play fetch at all hours of the day? This toy may be just the right choice. The iFetch comes with special size tennis balls and has a port for your dog to drop the ball. Once the ball is dropped in, the machine “throws” the ball for your dog to go fetch. According to reviews, training your dog to drop the ball in the port is incredibly easy as well. The only downsides to this product are the steep price tag—$100—and the fact that it is currently only available in a size fit for smaller breeds of dogs, though according to their website, a larger version is in the works.
  5. Neko Flies Sleeping Bag: This cat-friendly product is great for cats who love to burrow. Featuring a structured entry so your cat never feels stuck, soft sleeping material, and a “crunching paper” sound cats love, this toy is a dream-come-true for your feline and can be picked up for about $35. The toy is a one-size-fits-most, being large enough for the average size adult cat.
  6. Pet Insurance: Another great gift idea is a pet health insurance policy. Although your pet may not fully appreciate it, having a policy can really lessen the impact of a traumatic accident, serious injury or substantial illness. Millions of pet owners have already found pet insurance to be invaluable and it’s certainly a great gift idea for other pet owners in your family. PetFirst reimburses at 90% and our Lifetime plan covers hereditary, congenital, and chronic conditions in addition to accidents and other illnesses.

There are countless toy and treat options on the market for canines and felines alike, and while many of these toys offer incredible fun and entertainment, we know that our pets are most grateful for the love, care, and affectionprovided by greatpet parents. Happy holidays from PetFirst!
Small dog sitting on top of a Christmas present

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