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Pet Gadgets and Gift Ideas

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
5 years ago

Every year, people around the world take great care to think of creative gift ideas to surprise their loved ones with. But there are some loved ones who are commonly overlooked during our usual holiday shopping rounds…our pets! With so many great pet gifts to give, why not make 2017 the year you give some? Just look at all these awesome gift ideas!

  • PawCam Wearable Camera: This neat device features complex algorithms that intelligently monitor and detect various factors such as your pet’s motion and the current time of day. Based on these factors, the PawCam triggers its camera to start recording, allowing your pet to film its own POV slice-of-life scenes throughout the day! With a battery that can last as long as ten days and an easily shareable, social media-ready design, the PawCam is all you need to make your pet the world’s first big animal filmmaker!

PawsCam Wearable Dog Camera

  • Power Pet Automatic Pet Door: An easy-to-install, motor-driven, fully-automated pet door? Who wouldn’t want such a convenience? This package also includes an ultrasonic collar and AC adapter, giving you and your pet everything you need for optimal convenience this holiday season! The coolest part? Like a proximity reader, the ultrasonic collar activates the door, which has a built-in directional sensing system, meaning it will only open when your pet is directly approaching—no needless openings because your pet’s sleeping or playing nearby. The door also comes with a ton of high-tech security features ensuring you won’t have any unwelcome holiday guests this year, animal or otherwise!

Excited dog easily jumping through the Power Pet Automatic Pet Door

  • iFetch: Playing fetch is fun—that’s just a simple fact of life. The only problem is dog owners typically grow tired way before their dogs do. The iFetch provides a solution, allowing dogs to partake in their favorite past time even if their owners are too tired or too busy. It’s convenient and simple: the dog simply drops its tennis ball into the iFetch funnel and chases after it when it’s shot across the room. Drop, fetch, return, repeat…hours of entertainment!

Dog chasing an iFetch ball in a grassy field

  • Voyce Health Monitor: Advancements in technology have done more than just create new opportunities forpet fun and amusement, they’ve also opened the door to improved health monitoring for animals everywhere. The award-winning Voyce Health Monitor is an advanced activity tracker that can measure and detect your pet’s quality of rest, heart rate, respiratory rate, daily steps taken and much more. Additionally, it fits just like a collar and features an impressive 7-hour battery life.
  • Petsafe ScoopFree litter boxes: Even the most obsessive pet lovers will tell you that cleaning the litter box is an insanely unpleasant chore. For years, the idea of a self-cleaning litter box has seemed like a high-tech luxury convenience from a utopian sci-fi novel. Well, not anymore! The automated Petsafe ScoopFree device scoops up your cat’s waste right after the deed’s been done, meaning you don’t have to do anything besides replace the disposable litter tray every 30 days or so. Take note, however, the disposable trays are rather costly[CM1] —but to a lot of cat owners, they might be well worth the investment!
  • Squeaker Poochlight Collars: These LED light-up collars not only look insanely cool, but they provide practical nighttime safety assurance as well. With these collars, you can vibrantly illuminate the darkness all the way from your dog’s neck to the grip of your hand, ensuring neither you nor your pooch go unseen on even the darkest winter night. Easy to charge and available in a wide variety of vivid neon colors, this is truly a unique gift and a sure-fire conversation starter! Squeaker Poochlight also offers toys, pendants, harnesses and more, all available in a range of sizes to fit any size or breed!

Dog wearing a blue LED light-up Poochlight collar

  • Pod 2 GPS & WiFi Pet Tracker: GPS trackers are becoming an increasingly popular and worthwhile investment for both dog and cat owners. The Pod 2 GPS & WiFi Pet Tracker is one of the best on the market, and it comes in a highly portable design that attaches right to your pet’s collar. Download the app to find out exactly where your pet is at any time. The tracker can also be set to alert you if your cat or dog gets loose, offering invaluable peace of mind.

Image of the Pod 2 GPS & WiFi-enabled Pet Tracker

  • Petbot Smartphone: This is marketed as a smartphone that allows your pet to take its own selfies. The Petbox Smartphone contains a camera that allows you to watch and monitor your pet at any time, but what’s even cooler is that you can call to them on a speaker to draw them right to the camera and deposit a treat. Petbox actually detects when your pet is nearby, and that’s when it snaps that pic! It may not actually be a “smartphone” as we think of them, but it’s definitely got a ton of awesome features, and it’s super easy to use with multiple social media platforms!

This is just a small sample of some of the coolest and most innovative pet gadgets available this holiday season. Whether purchasing for yourself, a loved one or a friend, these would all make great, unique gifts that are sure to be highly appreciated by pets and owners alike.

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