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Bad Dog? It’s National Train Your Dog Month!

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
9 years ago
January is “Train Your Dog Month” and in recognizing the importance of training, the PetFirst team wants to share with you some experiences that we’ve had training our own pets!  Each week this month we will share a new story and would love to hear from each of you regarding a fun training experience that you’ve had.

Let’s start the month with a story involving one of my own pets, Izzy.  Izzy is a Min Pin-Chi mix, and since day one of her adoption she has been a very opinionated little lady with lots of personality. Training has proven difficult over the years (mostly becauseI havea tendency to give in and let her have her way).  I have tried a number of different things to teach her to listen; most of the time, I feel like she knows what I’m saying, but since I’m such a pushover she does the opposite.  I’ve read books, blogs, joined forums, watched videos, taken classes, focused on positive reinforcement, had an in-house trainer – you name it we’ve tried it.

Asking her to “Leave it” or “Stay” was a trick from our in-house trainer.  He suggested making an alpha-dog-like growling noise and to spraying her with a water bottle when she started to disobey a command.  For a few weeks, this worked wonderfully!  She sat, stayed, didn’t beg, didn’t try to steal treats from the other dogs.  It was a miracle!  A short time into the new technique I heard a noise come from the front of the house that sounded very much like tiny claws on a coffee table.  Suspicious, I walked into the living room only to find it empty.  Later that night I found the reason for the noise…  Remains of the spray bottle were being scattered about the kitchen, and being guarded by an all too satisfied Izzy was the nozzle that was tucked away in her bed.  Honestly, I was too impressed with her ingenuity to be angry with her.

Do you have any funny or interesting stories of your own?  Please share your stories here or on our Facebook and Twitter pages.  We would love to hear from you!

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