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5 Celebrity Tough Guys Who Love Cats

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
4 years ago


I’m not one to go in for stereotypes, so I don’t buy into the myth that guys “aren’t cat people.” I’ve even discussed reasons why women should date guys with cats here on the blog. But not every rough-and-tumble, manly, masculine man can be a dog man. Each of these five celebrities has created a public image that doesn’t seem to complement their affinity for fluffy fur machines. Take a look at these Hollywood tough guys and their favorite felines.

Norman Reedus
Norman Reedus and his pet cat
Everyone’s favorite crossbow-slinging tough guy kills zombies without a second thought on AMC’s The Walking Dead. Norman Reedus has even earned a bit of a reputation as a prankster and general rabble-rouser on set, but in his downtime, Reedus adores his black cat, aptly named Eye in the Dark. You can even follow Eye in the Dark’s adventures on Twitter.

Brian “Q” Quinn
Comedian Brian Quinn and his pet cat
This funnyman’s affection for his three cats has often made him the butt of many jokes on truTV’s side-splitting Impractical Jokers. But that hasn’t swayed his out-and-proud status as a cat lover. Quinn’s cats Benjamin, Chessie, and Brooklyn are frequent features on his Instagram and other social media accounts.

Cee Lo Green
Cee Lo Green holding his white persian cat Purrfect
The burly hip-hop singer and The Voice star often stroked a stunning white Persian cat named Purrfect during the show’s 2012 season. Although Ce Lo doesn’t own Purrfect, he’s a big softie for cats and helped Purrfect rise to prominence to promote rescue cat adoption. You can follow Purrfect on Facebook and Twitter.

Russell Brand
Superstar Russell Brand kissing his pet cat on the nose
After his widely-publicized and fairly tense divorce from pop star Katy Perry, comedian Russell Brand found comfort in the presence of his cat Morrissey. Brand famously revealed a custom portrait of Morrisey on The Ellen Show, in which the tuxedo shorthair made a brief appearance.

Michael C. Hall

Dexter star Michael C. Hall and an image of his pet cat

He spent six years playing the titular, lovable serial killer in Showtime’s Dexter, but there’s nothing sinister about Michael C. Hall’s affinity for his feline friends Preacher and Ford. Like Brand, Hall found comfort with his cat companions during his divorce from co-star Jennifer Carpenter and his battle with cancer.

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