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Why Adopt a Special Needs Cat 
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Why Adopt a Special Needs Cat 

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
1 year ago

Over 3 million cats enter a shelter somewhere in the United States every year. Of these, the least likely to find a new home are those with special needs. 

A special needs cat is one with a physical disability or a medical condition that may make it difficult for them to live a normal life. This can turn many people away from adopting one because they’re looking for a “perfect pet. 

However, there are many reasons to consider adopting one of these cats who may need some extra attention. Keep reading to learn five of the benefits you gain by adopting a special needs cat. 

  1. Save a Life

The unfortunate truth is that many animals don’t make it out of shelters alive. In fact, about half of all cats that enter a shelter will be euthanized. The most common reason for these cats being put down is a lack of space. 

When a shelter needs to make room for new animals, they often choose to put down special needs cats first. These are less likely to be adopted so more space is left for young healthy cats that people are more drawn to. 

That means when you go into a shelter and adopt a special needs cat, you are literally saving her life. 

  1. Live Inspired

The reason many people avoid adopting special needs cats is that they feel bad for them and don’t think they can live out a normal life. However, cats are resilient creatures that will adapt to any situation and overcome even the most difficult challenges in life. 

When you see your cat overcoming his disabilities every day, you will live a more inspired life. After all, if your cat can overcome blindness, why can’t you conquer your obstacles? 

  1. Learn Something New

There’s no quicker way to become an expert in animal diabetes than to have a cat who has it. No matter what your animal is suffering from, you’ll learn about that illness as you care for them and with the help of your vet. 

This not only makes you a more rounded person, but it can also help you educate others about that disability so you can encourage them to consider adopting a cat that may have certain obstacles or challenges to overcome. Many times, something that seems daunting ends up being easy to manage. 

  1. Change a Cat’s Life

Shelter workers take caring for animals seriously. However, there’s only so much they can do when caring for dozens or even hundreds of animals. 

For most special needs cats, they require more devoted care which they can only get in a home environment. By bringing one of these cats into your home and providing for all of her needs, you’ll change her life for the better by giving her everything she needs. 

  1. Experience a Deep Connection

No matter what type of pet you adopt, you’re going to have a connection with them. However, in many cases, special needs cats offer an even deeper connection. This is for several reasons. 

First of all, if you adopt a cat with a condition similar to one you or a loved one has, you will understand them on a deeper level as you have something in common with them. 

Secondly, in many cases, you’ll spend more time with a special needs cat than you would a completely healthy cat. This allows you to get to know them on a deeper level and will strengthen your bond. You’ll also be their source of comfort during their most difficult moments. 

Lastly, many special needs cats seem to sense that you saved their life and come with a deep sense of gratitude. The loyalty of an animal who was days away from being euthanized for missing a limb is unmatched. 

Your Next Step After Adopting a Special Needs Cat 

Now you know at least five reasons why you should adopt a special needs cat. As you can see, despite everything you’re doing for that animal, you benefit even more!

If a special needs cat wasn’t on your list in your search to adopt, stop and consider the many benefits to you and the pet, if you should decide to give one a loving home.  You will find what is most distinctive about special needs pets are their hearts. 

Once you’ve brought your new pet home, be sure to take the crucial next step by getting him covered with cat insurance. This will help you cover unexpected veterinary bills so you can provide the best possible care for the newest member of your family. 

Here at PetFirst, we know accidents and illnesses happen to all pets, regardless of their unique needs. PetFirst is here for every dog and cat. From common colds to more significant health problems, pet insurance can help cover unexpected vet visits.

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