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Thinking Of Kenneling Your Pet?

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
4 years ago

Thinking of Kenneling Your Pet? Know the Symptoms of Canine Kennel Cough

Many pet owners only associate it with newly adopted pets, but kennel cough is very contagious.  It can be spread to any pet kept in close proximity to another.

With colder weather and the holidays impending, plans of traveling to warmer climates for a vacation or traveling to meet with family are dancing at the edges of everyone’s thoughts.  But, what do you do with your furry friend if your destination isn’t pet friendly?  For many the best answer is a doggy daycare or kennel of some sort where all of their loved one’s needs are met while they socialize.  Oftentimes, something that is not considered when kenneling is the possibility of kennel cough.

Canine kennel cough is similar to bronchitis in humans.  It is bred from an infection that can be viral or bacterial.  Many pet owners only associate it with newly adopted pets, but kennel cough is very contagious.  It can be spread to any pet kept in close proximity to another.

According to the ASPCA, kennel cough typically worsens when the pet exerts themselves, pulls on their collar, or gets excited.  The cough may sound like the pet is choking.  It may be accompanied by white phlegm.  Most dogs are still active with a normal appetite with kennel cough, and they may develop a fever or have a runny nose.  Treatment usually includes a round of antimicrobials and may be supplemented with a cough suppressant to keep your furry friend more comfortable.  With treatment, kennel cough should clear up after a few weeks.

When my oldest dog (Izzy) was a puppy she came down with kennel cough.  About two weeks after her diagnosis she was still coughing and had lost her appetite for food and water.  At our follow-up vet visit we found out that her cough had developed into pneumonia, so the ER was our next stop!  The experience was not only frightening, especially as a first time pet owner, the costs added up quickly. Needless to say, Izzy now has coverage in case something like this happens again.

You can’t protect your pet from every illness out there.  However, you can learn the symptoms of common illnesses to proactively care for your pet and you can provide yourself peace of mind with insurance for your four-legged companion.  Luckily, when Izzy became sick I was in a position to pay the unexpected vet bill, but that easily could have not been the case.  Don’t put yourself in the position to potentially make a difficult decision regarding your pet’s health due to cost.  Coverage with PetFirst is customizable to fit every budget and to provide the most appropriate benefit for your needs.

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