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Pet Safety: Be Mindful Of Your Pet’s Toys

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
10 years ago
Recently, here at Pet Insurance HQ, we received a kind letter from a satisfied policyholder regarding a hidden danger that threatens many of our pets: their toys. Yes, it may silly to declare pet toys as dangers, but PetFirst paid out over $200,000.00 in claims last year, solely due to pets swallowing objects they shouldn’t!

Here’s what our policyholder had to say:

“Rosie is doing just fine since her lifesaving surgery to remove the foreign body from her stomach. By the way, they got it just in time because the strings were just at at her intestines. 
Rosie is a rescue dog from a “high kill” shelter in Pennsylvania. We got her this past summer through the Last Chance Ranch, which is a shelter in Quakertown, PA. She was a mess when we got her — a bag of bones and very nervous around strangers. In fact, she continues to be quite fearful with anyone that she doesn’t know. At home though, she’s sweet and friendly!

When she joined our family, we already had a tiny little shorkie whose name is Gypsi. Gypsi never played with other dogs — only toys. And Rosie knew how to play with other dogs, but not toys. Eventually, both dogs began sharing toys and playing nicely with each other. They especially loved to play with toys that they could both tug on together.

Within a few months, Rosie became ill. Apparently, she inadvertently swallowed fuzz or string from these toys. When the emergency vet showed me what was found in her stomach, I could plainly identify 8 individual toys that were involved and threw them away. 
These toys, which included one shaped like a “rope” with thick strings was one of them. Others just had fuzzy fur. None of them appeared outwardly dangerous to pets. 
I think it’s important to check your pet’s toys to be sure that they stay intact and remain safe!

Rosie now weighs 7.5 pounds (a 2-pound weight gain since we got her). Gypsi weighs 5 pounds. They are the best of friends. 
I’m very happy that we have become policyholders under the PetFirst program. 
I’ve been more than satisfied and find your customer service folks very helpful each time I call.

Phyllis B. from Summerfield, FL”

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