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International Pooper Scooper Week

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
1 year ago

National Pooper Scooper Week is April 1st through the 7th. This week was created to raise awareness regarding the effects of pet waste.

The Association of Professional Animal Waste Specialists (aPaws) has conducted research that found that dogs produce over 4.4 billion pounds of waste per year. That’s a lot of waste. APAWS has found that’s enough dog poop to cover 900 football fields, 12 inches high, with only dog waste.

Picking up after your pup is an important responsibility all pet owners have when out and about with your pet. Pooper scoopers being critical may sound a bit silly but there’s a reason these were designed.

Pooper Scoopers: How Do They Work? 

If you haven’t seen a pooper scooper before, it’s essentially a jaw-shaped material that picks up dog poop for you. Usually, they’re fairly lightweight and able to be carted around with you wherever you go. 

There is a handle to open the jaws to grab your dog’s feces. Some even come with bags to make cleanup a bit easier (and less disgusting). 

Are All Pooper Scoopers the Same? 

No, not all pooper scoopers are the same. Each one essentially has the same goal, but there are points you may want to take into consideration when choosing what works best for you. 

If you have any type of back problem, you should ensure the handle is long enough to not force you to bend over. Adjustable pooper scoopers are available for this reason. To add to this, you may want to consider the weight as well. There are many lightweight options available as well. 

The handles are a factor to consider as well. The pooper scoopers with rubber handles are generally more expensive but much more comfortable. 

Finally, how difficult the pooper scooper is to clean must be considered. We can’t expect a pooper scooper to stay clean too long, right? Look for the kind that can easily be cleaned with your garden hose and/or that advertise to be ‘nonstick.’

What Can I Do with the Waste?

International Pooper Scooper Week:
International Pooper Scooper Week:

In many towns and cities, getting rid of dog waste along with your yard waste is not permitted. The following options are available to you if desired: 

  •     Place the waste in a plastic bag of some sort, wrap up the bag, and throw it in the garbage
  •     Pet waste removal companies do exist. They will come to your home and remove the waste for you
  •     Dig a hole on your property and place the waste in there. The feces will break down. You may grab additional enzymes to assist in the breakdown – this way you’re composting the materials
  •     If it’s not a lot, you may have the option to flush it down the toilet

When discarding your pet’s feces just be sure you are following the permitted options of discarding where you and your furry friend live.

Why Can’t I Just Leave It? 

Picking up dog poop isn’t exactly thrilling. You may be tempted to leave it behind, but did you know if left behind it can impact your grass? 

If left in your yard or someone else’s yard, you could see a terrible looking ‘stain’ in the grass. There are compounds in your dog’s urine that could turn the grass yellow. So, think about the beautiful, lush green grass… then there they are, yellow spots all throughout you or someone else’s lawn. 

Are you still tempted to leave your pups feces behind?

You may still be tempted to, but did you know dog poop can contain dangerous bacteria, parasites, and/or viruses?

We don’t want to expose anyone – including other pets passing by on their walk – to those types of bacteria, parasites, and viruses; especially when it can be prevented. 

Keep Your Pets Safe and Covered

There are many reasons to pick up after your pup. Keeping you and your neighbor’s pets safe and healthy are good reasons to remember to stop and pick up after your pup while out and about.

Picking up after your dog is one way to help care for and keep your pet healthy. Getting a pet insurance policy is another. PetFirst offers dog insurance premiums that cover dogs of all sizes, ages, and breeds. Get a quote today to find the best pet insurance for your dog.

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