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How to Prepare Your Dog For Fireworks
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How to Prepare Your Dog For Fireworks

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
2 years ago

Independence Day fireworks can be incredibly nerve-wracking to some dogs. If your dog is not accustomed to fireworks, or simply does not care for them at all, this article is a must-read.


There’s not much time to counter condition your dog for this year’s fireworks. But, in the future, this may be a goodie to work on.  

Grab a handful of treats and carry them wherever you go. If there is a noise that frightens your dog, grab her a treat. The treats you choose should be used only for loud noises. That’s it. 

Some dog lovers will take their dog to louder public places to help get them accustomed to loud noises, like fireworks, so they aren’t incredibly anxious when it comes to any type of loud noise.

Creating a Safe Place 

Many dogs already have a ‘special place’ they feel most comfortable in the home. For some, it’s the couch. For others, it’s their crate. Or, they may even feel most comfortable lying on the floor in a particular room. That’s their safe space. Be sure they have access to that space at all times (especially during times you know they will be anxious). 

If your dog likes you to be in their safe place, stay in their safe space with her. Grab a chair and a book. Or, you can watch a movie. This brings us to the next suggestion… sound masking. 

Try Sound Masking 

If you are staying home for the fireworks, you can try masking the sound. Lie down on the couch or your bed and turn a movie on relatively loud. The movie will block out some of the sounds from the fireworks. This alone could help your dog significantly.

Medications to Reduce Anxiety 

This is placed last as it’s meant to be a last resort. If your dog is simply unbearably anxious and has a horrible time, you may want to talk to your veterinarian regarding some type of anxiety medication. Most times, veterinarians will prescribe something on an as-needed basis for times like these. 

We hope these tips will better prepare you and your furry friend for the fireworks and celebrations this 4th of July Holiday.

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