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Have a New Kitten? A Guide to Your Pet’s Care

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
4 years ago


76 million cats in the United States iamge

After months of planning for your new kitten, you suddenly have small, furry paws exploring every corner of your home. This little rascal is joining the 76.43 million cats in the United States, which has more cats than any other nation. While your new friend gets acquainted with their new surroundings, you have a chance to prepare to be a cat owner. From planning their litter box training to purchasing their cat health insurance, follow these basic pet care tips to keep your kitten as healthy as possible. 

Litter Box Train 

Avoid finding accidents around your home by getting your kitten used to their litter box right away. While using a little box is generally second nature for cats, you can help your pet by placing them inside the box after they finish eating or playing.

Start Vet Care

Preventative pet health care starts with scheduling your cat’s first vet appointment. Do this as soon as possible to plan immunizations, spaying or neutering, and procedures such as de-worming. Taking your kitten to the vet within a week of adopting them will also get them used to the office, preventing fear later in life.

Purchase Pet Insurance  

While you are at your first vet visit, talk to the office staff about purchasing cat health insurance. Owning an animal can be expensive, and proper coverage will keep your prepared to address your pet’s future medical needs.

Leave Out Food and Water  

Your kitten is growing quickly, so make sure to keep them well fed and hydrated. Depending on your pet’s eating habits, you may need to fill their food dish three times per day. Be sure that they always have fresh, clean water to drink.

Watch Closely 

Kittens are notorious for getting into trouble, as they can easily fit into small spaces. Keep your agile friend safe by watching them carefully. Their curiosity will drive them before they learn how to keep themselves safe in your home.

Remember that your new kitten is not only sweet and cute, but also vulnerable and impressionable during these early stages. Your cat will depend on you to keep them safe and healthy for their entire life, so start proper care habits now. If you have any doubts about your pet’s health, be sure to call your veterinarian’s office right away. Establish open communication with your vet about your cat’s needs, as your care regimen will change as they age.

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