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8 Creative Ways to Show Your Pet You Love Them
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8 Creative Ways to Show Your Pet You Love Them

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
1 year ago

While we firmly believe in spoiling our furry friends with love and affection every day, sometimes it’s nice to put in a little extra effort. 

Taking the time to shower your pet with affection will not only strengthen your bond, but it’s also good for your mental health (and theirs). After all, what’s better for your spirits than a happy, loving pet? 

That’s why in honor of Love Your Pet Day we wanted to share some creative ideas with you on how you can show your pet that he’s your best pal no matter what else is going on in your life. 

1. Spoil him with delicious treats

Food is a sure way to the heart of almost any pet… and many humans, too! If you’re looking for a way to show your dog or cat that you truly love and appreciate him, why not spoil them with a special treat?

You could buy him a premium brand from the pet store, prepare something from scratch just for him, or offer him his favorite type of table scrap. Whichever you choose, he’s sure to feel the love!

2. Buy him a fun new toy

Toys are a fun way to engage with your pet. Many pets have a collection of toys, but how often do you take the time to indulge in dedicated playtime with your furry friend? Like any relationship, fun activities sometimes fall by the wayside in favor of more ‘important’ tasks as time goes by. 

It may feel indulgent to engage your pet in playtime when you have dinner to make, laundry to do and work to catch up on. But remember, spending time engaging with your pet directly is an important way to keep your bond strong.

Perhaps it seems unlikely, but pets do seem to appreciate the novelty of a new toy. What better excuse to indulge in a no holds barred play session with your pet?

If your daily routine has been lacking playtime, now is the perfect time to reintroduce it. The sessions don’t need to be very long– even just 5 minutes is enough to leave your pet feeling loved and content.

3. Go on an adventure together

If your pet is the adventurous type, consider taking an excursion together. Discovering a new state, park, or hiking trail will be exciting and invigorating for both of you, and the energy and is bound to be contagious.

Additionally, spending time in unfamiliar environments is a powerful way to strengthen the bond between you and your pet, at least in the case of dogs. 

You see, dogs look to their owners for guidance and reassurance when they are in unfamiliar environments or situations. As you help your dog safely navigate through the world he will trust you more and more.

When you go somewhere new together it’s an opportunity for both you and your pup to be keenly attuned to one another. With each situation that you help your dog navigate, you’ll be reinforcing the loving bond that you share.

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4. Teach your pet a new trick

Teaching your pet a new trick or command is a great way to give him some productive one on one attention. 

Many pets enjoy training sessions because they are mentally stimulating and they involve plenty of attention from you. Tasty training treats are just a bonus.

Plus, pets (and especially dogs) tend to want to please us. As you teach your pet something new he will feel fulfilled each time he successfully completes what you ask.

Additionally, don’t forget to involve your feline friend in learning some new cat tricks as well. Both dogs and cats can benefit from training as it can be mentally stimulating and allows your pet to bond with you. 

Be sure to keep training sessions brief as many pets have short attention spans. Always end the session on a high note so neither you nor your pet walks away frustrated.

And remember, while food is always a welcome reward, affection is a powerful reward as well.

5. Spend quality time together

A simple way to show your pet some extra love is by simply spending quality time with him. Put your phone away, turn off the TV and just spend time cuddling, petting, or playing with your pet.

Your furry pal likely waits all day for you to come home from work, only to receive a few brief moments of attention before the TV goes on and captivates the majority of your attention. 

If you really want to spoil your pet, offer him your undivided attention and affection. 

6. Learn his body language

Nothing makes us feel more supported than having a companion who truly understands us, and the same is true for pets! 

That’s why learning your pet’s communication style is such a great way to show him you love him. When you understand his body language you will be able to offer better support and guidance every day, thus strengthening the trusting bond between you.

7. Create a sanctuary for him

What could make your pet feel more loved than having a safe and cozy space all his own? 

If you spend all day at work while your pet is home alone, a sanctuary space might be the perfect way to help him feel content even when you’re not around. 

Consider ways to spruce up your pet’s environment with items and furnishings that will offer him comfort.

It could be as simple as a new blanket that smells like you or an enticing chew toy. Or, maybe you want to go all out and spoil him with a luxurious new bed or safe access to an outdoor space. 

Naturally, every pet will have different preferences so you’ll have to determine what is most likely to make your pet’s day.

8. Take him somewhere he doesn’t usually get to go

For some pets, adventures have a certain novelty. And for many pets, nothing is better than the opportunity to be with their person all the time.

So, to show your pet how much you care for him, consider taking him somewhere he doesn’t normally get to go with you. This could be as simple as taking him to the corner on a milk run. Or, maybe you’ll opt to include him in your brunch plans this weekend.

Whatever the occasion is, your pet will relish the opportunity to be with you rather than at home alone!

What’s your favorite way to spoil your pet?

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