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4 Factors to Consider When Hiring a Pet Sitter

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
2 weeks ago

If you’re a traveler or have long work hours, hiring a pet sitter may help fill in the gaps when you’re unable to care for your pet. Though it might be a necessary situation, we know this can overwhelm some pet parents. Our pets are members of our family and they’re important to us. Before hiring a pet sitter, it’s important to consider several factors, both with regard to person you may hire and also for your pet. Here are a few we like to start with. 

Factor 1: What Qualifications Does He or She Have?

There are those people you just automatically click with even if they may not have any experience in this field. But, for the most part, requesting a summary and resume of their experience is important to us. In your interview, ask what qualifications he or she has. Don’t be afraid to ask for references. 

Factor 2:  Insurance is Important

Pet insurance is always a plus. Rover offers pet insurance with their services to ensure your pet is cared for in case of an emergency. If your pet sitter doesn’t use a service like Rover, your sitter should provide proof of commercial liability insurance.

Plus, enrolling your pet with our insurance here at PetFirst can protect her not only while she’s at the sitters, but at any point in time to ensure you’re not stuck if something were to happen.

Factor 3: Communication and Photos

We’re not sure about you, but here at PetFirst, we know there are many pet parents who are a bit frantic when they go on vacation without their pet.

That’s why it’s important to find out one or more ways to communicate with your pet sitter while you’re gone. Can he/she keep a daily schedule of activities? Did you already draw out the normal routine? Can he/she send photographs to keep you comfortable and relaxed while you’re on vacation?

Factor 4: Visiting the Home

This is an important factor, too. Will your pet sitter be staying at your home while you’re away or will you be bringing her to the sitter’s home?

If you’re bringing her to the sitter’s home, to make you feel comfortable you can ask for a tour to ensure your pet will be staying somewhere you’re comfortable with. 

Book the Sitter

If you have considered all the above factors and are happy with the results, it’s now time to make your reservations. It’s important to make reservations early. Those who pet sit for a living often become booked quickly.

Don’t forget to leave detailed information about your dog. Does she take any medication? If so, what times and what dosage? What kind of dog food does she eat? Emergency contact information, your veterinarian’s information, and general information about your dog’s personality is always helpful.

We know that pets are like family and choosing someone to care for them when you’re away can be a tough process. We advise pet parents to not take this decision lightly and try to plan ahead if at all possible. When you have plenty of time to consider several options for your pet’s care, it seems that is when pet parents are most comfortable.

Regardless of your choice, we know you’ll be excited to reunite with your pet once you return. Share your photos and videos of your pets with us on Facebook or Instagram. 

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