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Veterinary Care

Pets are like family and your veterinarian plays an important role in caring for your furry family member. Since the outbreak of COVID-19 many veterinarians have altered the way they provide services to their clients, but most are still available to provide care. If your pet is in need of care during this time, contact your veterinarian regarding their specific protocols related to COVID-19.

Frequently Asked Questions

Several professional veterinary organizations, like the American Veterinary Medical Association, are urging the government to classify veterinary practices as “essential businesses” so that they can remain open during the pandemic. Be aware that, to preserve supplies, veterinary practices may shift to providing only emergency services, such as surgery for a life-threatening medical condition.

Call your veterinarian’s office to ask whether they will remain open.

If your pet has an ongoing prescription that you usually fill through your vet, it may be possible to utilize an online pet pharmacy or service. However, prior to switching your pet’s medication, you should contact your vet for their recommendation. If your pet is on maintenance medication, try to plan ahead and always have a two-week supply on hand.

In some states, Veterinary practices are being required to shift to providing only emergency veterinary care. If non-emergency procedures are still allowed in your state, you may consider postponing your pet’s spay or neuter.


Consider contacting your veterinarian first. Some veterinary practices are transitioning to using telemedicine during the pandemic to address pets’ medical needs. If your veterinarian’s clinic has telemedicine, you might be able to address your pet’s medical care without visiting the clinic.

If your pet is having a medical emergency, your vet might have you come in or direct you to a veterinary emergency hospital.

Yes, our team has a business continuity plan in place that allows our teams to work remotely so they can stay safe and we can process claims and provide service to policyholders as usual. If you are a policyholder and need assistance, you can reach out to our team here.