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Ziggy’s Story: From Limping to Loving Life

by MetLife Pet Insurance
4 years ago

Ziggy is a 10 year old Goldendoodle who, last fall, suddenly developed a limp that wouldn’t go away. 

Ziggy’s Mom wanted to get some answers, so she made an appointment with her regular vet. After Ziggy’s regular vet examined him, she referred Ziggy to a doggie neurologist, suspecting a problem with his back.  She advised that the care would likely be costly and if that wasn’t in her budget, they could discuss pain medication to make Ziggy more comfortable. 

However, since Ziggy’s Mom had PetFirst Pet Insurance, she met with the neurologist and proceeded with a surgery to remove three ruptured discs from Ziggy’s back.  Because the spinal cord was involved, he stayed in the doggie hospital for about a week before he could come home. 

Recovery from back surgery is a slow process, but now 5 months later, Ziggy is back to his normal self and enjoying increasingly longer walks and trips to the dog park.

“I am so grateful for pet insurance – Ziggy was an otherwise healthy dog, and I’m not sure what quality of life Ziggy would have had if I had forgone the surgery. Working with Petfirst was great – I submitted all my paperwork and didn’t have any problems – much easier than my own medical insurance!  Ziggy is a very happy pup these days!”

– Ziggy’s Mom, Christine

We love hearing stories like Ziggy’s and our team loves helping pet parents have the ability to give their pets the best care possible. Pet insurance provides peace of mind that if your pet gets sick or injured, like Ziggy, you don’t have to think twice about the financial aspect and just focus on your pet’s care. Get a quote for your furry family member here.

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