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Return From Hiatus & One Eyebrow-Raising Claim!

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
11 years ago

Gentle Readers, we are excited to announce that after a brief period of inactivity here on the PetFirst blog, we have returned, ready to share more with you in the pet community than ever before!  So stay tuned to this page for some of the things we’re planning to serve up fresh on a weekly basis:

  • Plenty of tips for healthy pet lifestyles
  • News and intrigue from the world of pets, vets and pet insurance
  • True tales and testimonials from lots of satisfied PetFirst members
  • Last but not least, Fun!

Our goal is tohave fun writingthis blog, and we wouldn’t expect you to read it if it wasn’t fun! That said, allow us to share with you an interesting little claim that caught our eye this week…

Bo is a young bullmastiff pup hailing from Las Vegas, NV, who has wasted no time in getting into trouble.  At only 16 weeks old, his new mom noticed a sudden decrease in his overall energy and attitude, and then a little vomiting, so she made the right call to take Bo to the vet.  The vet examined him and performed an x-ray but didn’t find any red flags at first.  So Bo was sent home with some tummy meds and a watchful mom.

But mom didn’t have to wait long before Bo, er… “gave up” his secret: the poor little guy had ingested no less than 4 thongs!  And we’re not talkin’ sandals, people!  I suppose you could say it’s a good thing that what happens in Bo does not stay in Bo ;).

Total bill for Bo’s X-rays and Medication: $277.87
PetFirst Coverage Level: 100%
Deductible Applied: $50
Paid by PetFirst: $227.87

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