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PetFirst’s September Pet of the Month Contest Winner

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
6 years ago


Pooch the wonder cat is definitely deserving of September’s PetFirst Pet of the Month Contest winner title.

“My husband and I adopted Pooch, a four-year-old tuxedo cat, in February 2014. She’s everything a person could want in a cat, despite her dog-like name. She’s affectionate, gentle, mellow, yet playful. She’s most happy just hanging out with us and when she purrs, which is pretty much all the time, it practically rattles the walls.

She sleeps in the bed with us and wakes us up each morning at 6:30 am with loud purrs and a little pink nose in the face. After she has her breakfast she runs back upstairs, jumps on the bed, and entices us to play her favorite game of chasing her little stuffed mice around around the room and up and down the stairs. She is just a really happy cat.

Earlier this year I was sick in bed with pneumonia for a week. During that entire time Pooch never left my side except to have her breakfast and dinner. It was so nice to have her there with me while I was recovering. Once I got well she was back to her usual routine of playing, napping, and squirrel watching.

We really adore this cat and we’re so glad we adopted her.”

-by Ann Marie Bonardi, proud pet parent of Pooch,5 year old”wonder” cat

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