November Pet of the Month Contest Winner
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PetFirst’s November Pet of the Month Contest Winner

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
6 years ago


Frosti, a 4 year old West Highland Terrier is a happy-go-lucky pup bringing joy to all those he meets (both human and animal), and is definitely deserving of November’s PetFirst Pet of the Month Contest winner title.

“After the passing of our darling Cinoman is was hard to imagine wanting a dog again. Our grief was overridden by the loneliness so we picked up the newspaper. We had both been through some heavy health issues and now felt we could handle having a dog again.

We were looking for another apricot toy poodle as Cinoman was but instead saw some Westies were available. The 1st call the folks were very nice and they said they had 2 pups ready to go to good homes so we rushed out to see them. Two little boys, one very impressive looking with the squared snout,  and the other a small and pointy nosed runt. We took the runt.

We named him after some of his family tree so his name is SIR FROSTI MAXIMILLION GAY BLADE!! Although he had AKC papers we couldn’t breed him, he had issues in that area and had to be neutered when he was 1 year old. We were so worried but we had peace of mind knowing petfirst had us covered. Since then he has continued to grow into a loving, gentle boy.  He is light hearted, fierce, romantic, goofy, smart, funny, loyal, and with us 24/7.

Where ever we go people fall in love with him. At the beach he sometimes stays in daycare and we get great stories of what a pleasure he is and how people actually came to meet him because he’s so awesome. Whether with us or hanging out with someone else he keeps everyone entertained. He makes up his own games, stands and begs with his front paws like he’s praying, he races and jumps over our cats and vice-versa, and pokes me with his paw while holding his ball or favorite toy. He does all the usual tricks from sit to dead, and even belly crawls across the rug slowly stretching himself all the way across the room. He carries his own leash, has steps to the human bed so he can retire when he’s ready. He prefers to be under the covers or on top of the mamas pillow best.

The first time he met a horse it was as if he had grown-up in a barn, they sniffed each others noses and all was good. I was very glad he was not interested in the other end of the horse too, we all know that familiar dog greeting! We are so lucky the universe brought him to us. he makes everyday special in some way.”

-by Jymmi Sparkz, proud parent of Frosti
Frosti the white West Highland Terrier snuggled up in his blanket fort
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