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PetFirst’s May Pet of the Month Contest Winner

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
7 years ago



Lük is the winner of May’s PetFirst Pet of the Month contest.  Read on to see how his life has changed since being rescued. 

“Hi, my name is Lük (formerly Luca).  Border Collie Rescue of Northern California found me in June 2013.  I was very, very sick with pneumonia.  Thank goodness I had a wonderful foster Mom who recognized right away how sick I was.  She and BCRNC got me the veterinary treatment I needed.  When I was well enough my photo was put on the BCRNC website and almost immediately I found my “forever home”  (I am very handsome!).  WOW –did my life change!  Other than the short time I had been at my foster Mom’s I had never spent time in a “people house”.  It took only about 3 days though forme to learnthat I didn”t have to “mark” everything in the house as “my own”.  My new Mom and Dad didn’t like it and I really wanted to please them. 

My next hurdle was realizing that my new Mom was going to be my #1 Person and not my new Dad.  My first home was a ranch (I think–I have forgotten a lot about it–mainly because I want to forget) and there, I was “the man’s dog”.  In fact, the “lady” of the house didn’t like me one bit.  She always seemed to have a broom in her hands.  So, when I came to my forever home I did not trust female humans.  And I let them know it.  I “warned” them that I did not trust them and wanted absolutely nothing to do with them.  But every time I showed any aggression toward any female person, my new Mom would be disappointed in me.  But, in spite of all my “mistakes” my new parents still loved me.  They kept showing me ways that I could please them and every time I did I would get rewarded.  I guess you could say, “I finally got it” (we Border Collies are very smart, you know).  I love my Mom’s friends now because I can tell she won’t let anybody hurt me or let me come to any harm.  I really trust her and love her so much.  And I know now she feels the same about me.  My favorite times are when we snuggle together on the couch.  I even snuggle with her friends on the couch–the female humans love it. 

Another thing I learned to accept was being brushed.  I had NEVER EVER been groomed.  A brush was always something to be afraid of.  But after a lot of encouragement and treats I now love it when my Mom grooms me. 

I have learned a lot of neat things since I found my “forever home”.  I know how to “sit”, lie down”, “stay”, “bang” (that means, play dead), “come”, “wait”, and “that’ll do” (that means, “stop whatever you are doing and find something else to do”).  I also can count to two to get my paws wiped when they are muddy (I am working on three and four).  Of course, I know the words “treat” and “vestibule” (that’s where we go to eat).  I have also learned not to get into the mule or horse’s paddocks and to stay clear of any vehicles driving on the property.  I still like to run along inside the fence if a vehicle passes by our property on the easement.  I think I am doing really well for being here not even one year and my Mom and Dad tell me that all the time  (did I mention Border Collies are very smart?)

Two of my other positive points are that I am extremely fast and can jump really high.  I heard my Mom say she may teach me some agility moves.  I really don’t know what all that means but it will be fun if it is something we can do together. 

I am writing this instead of my Mom because she says that I have the “potential” to realize so much more in my future (I am only about 3 years old).  Whatever “potential” is, I am not sure.  All I know is, I am the happiest I have ever been in my whole life.  As you can tell this is only the beginning of my life in my “forever home”. 

To be continued……..

-submitted on Lük’s behalf (because he doesn’t know how to send emails yet) by his proud pet parent Myrna Glick, PetFirst member since 2013

Luk the dog, PetFirst Pet Insurance's May 2014 Pet of the Month contest winner

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