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PetFirst’s February 2015 Pet of the Month Contest Winner

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
6 years ago


Harvey the dog with his truly exceptional and is definitely deserving of the pet of the month title!

“We rescued our chocolate lab about 2 year ago.  He had been shot in the face on the left hand side loosing a few teeth and jaw as well as his lip. He was left tied up with a rope around his neck under a bridge on a busy high way.

He turned out to be an awesome dog.

I walk him every morning with a few friends and their dogs.  Harvey always plays with all the dogs and doesn’t understand mean dogs or ones that don’t want to play.

One morning one of the dogs ran off down into the river.  Mind you it is cold and parts of it are frozen I told Harvey he could not go in while the river is so cold and has ice on top. He is smart and seems to understand as he hasn’t gone in.   However one of the little dogs did not listen to its owner and ran down the embankment and couldn’t get back up.  We were all walking along and the owner of that dog did not realize what had happened.  When I looked around Harvey was standing at the top of the embankment when I called for him to come  ( as he always does ) he just stood there and wouldn’t move.  Then he started to bark.  We all ran back to see this little dog having trouble slipping on the ice.  She had not gone through but couldn’t seem to figure out how to get back up.

I decided to let Harvey do his thing and he went down to the river went to the  little dog and kept nudging her until she was off the ice and back on dirt.  With Harvey’s encouragement the little dog ran up the embankment and all was well. 

Harvey is such a sweet guy we were so lucky to have found each other.  My husband is disabled having lost all his toes on one foot and one on another so having a dog that looks disabled suited us just fine.”

-by Julie Crawford, proud parent of Harvey
Harvey the dog snuggled up in bed
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