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PetFirst’s 1st Edition Of Pet Products We Love!

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
8 years ago
At PetFirst, we love our pets, and we love yours too! As pet owners, we know how great it is to find a product that you love for your cat or dog. Here is a list of products that we cannot live without, along with testimonials from PetFirst associates.

Click on the name of the product to access the website and more information. Please share your favorite pet products with us!

Soggy Paws Pet Towels
Recommended by: Heather and her dog Tucker
Product Description: Super-absorbent towel designed exclusively for dogs; and it has pockets for easy handling!
“Keeping a lab clean is a chore. Plus, Tucker is 65 lbs of pure muscle and is impossible to hold on to when wet. This towel lets me wipe him down easily after a much needed bath!”

Munchkin Arm and Hammer Diaper Bag Dispenser
Recommended by: Shandi and her dog Snoppy
Product Description: The product is actually marketed to moms for easy and smell-proof diaper disposable. One of our innovative Customer Service Reps discovered that this is a fantastic product for pets as well! It is a clip-on with bags are very durable and easy to separate quickly, and infused with Arm Hammer™ baking soda.
“It is very important for me to make sure when my baby tags along with me, that I have these bags on hand. I love my keychain, just so that I’m not stuck with a mess to clean up with a random piece of paper”

Pet Vehicle Harness
Recommended by: Katie and her dog Franklin, Shandi and her dog Snoopy
Product Description: The padded vest protects your dog’s safety when riding in a vehicle. It is available in various sizes and through multiple vendors.
“I absolutely cannot live/drive without it. It keeps my baby safe.” – Shandi
“Franklin can ride for 6 hours in that thing.  The fit is snug and comfortable (so he says).”  – Katie

John Paul Pet Shampoo
Recommended by: Chelsea and her dog Ari
Product Description: Tearless shampoo for dogs and cats. It is great for your pet’s sensitive skin, and has a fresh and deodorized smell.
“I love John Paul Pet shampoo for Ari- it smells so fresh, but doesn’t get dry and flaky like some shampoos can.”

TropiClean Oral Care Water Additive for Dogs
Recommended by: Tracy, and his dog Millie
Product Description: An oral care product that can be added to your dog or cat’s water. The solution is an easy oral care product for pet owners, promotes your pet’s health, and keeps their breath fresh.

PAWZ Waterproof Dog Boots
Recommended by: Tori and her dog Al E
Product Description: Reusableand disposable waterproof dog boots that are made of natural rubber and are 100% biodegradable. The boot fits like a sock and allows for natural movement of the paw. 12 come in a package.
“My Jack/Rat hates the wet ground.  She got these for Christmas and it has made a world of difference taking her out on damp mornings. No more picking her up and forcing her on the grass.”

Buddy No-Spill Bowl
Recommended by: Heather and her dog Tucker
Product Description: Spill proof water bowl for dogs the even holds water upside down.
“If I am bringing Tucker on trips, I will not leave home without this water bowl. It is great for traveling in the car because it is impossible to spill!”

KONG Classic
Recommended by: Chelsea and her dog Ari
Product Description: Heavy-duty dog toy that bounces and has a place for treats. The product is available in multiple sizes and colors.
“I also love Kong products, specifically the one I can put peanut butter in it- so it isn’t all over the floor!”

What are your favorite pet products? Share them here!

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