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March Claim of the Month: Mike & Annie’s Story

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
3 years ago

I have been a PetFirst family member since 2015. For the first few years we had pet insurance, Annie was an extremely healthy dog and we didn’t have any major accidents or illnesses. However, late last year, Annie developed a mass on her left wrist that was unusually firm and by October had begun to grow rapidly.

Rather than having an excisional biopsy to diagnose the mass, under the recommendation of our vet, I decided to have the whole mass removed. Before Annie could be cleared for surgery, she went through several pre-surgical diagnostics to determine she was healthy and we got the green light and Annie went into surgery.

The surgery went well and, fortunately, post-surgical pathology diagnosed the large mass as benign fibrous dysplasia. The care for Annie didn’t stop with surgery though. She had a few complications (she pulled her own stitches out!) and I had to have her wound cleaned and sutured again. I had to keep a close eye on her. We had to treat and re-bandage her wound every few days for six weeks!

Since I had never filed a claim before, I had to gather Annie’s past 12 months of medical records. But I was able to submit all of that paperwork by December 6, 2017, and by December 12 my claim was approved! I received the check in the mail a couple days later!

My claims experience was fantastic! I didn’t expect PetFirst to cover any of the pre-surgical diagnostics and they covered half! All in all, my claim for Annie’s surgery and diagnostics was just over $1,000. PetFirst reimbursed us over $900!

I was so pleased with our claims experience and our PetFirst coverage that when we got our new puppy last month, I signed her up right away!

Thanks, PetFirst!
Mike L. Columbia, MO

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