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January’s Pet of the Month Contest Winner!

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
4 years ago


Blue is a true doggy hero! Read on to see what this caring and compassionate dog did that earned him the title of PetFirst’s Pet of the Month.

“A couple of weeks ago Blue and I were at my mom’s house.  Blue is part black Labrador retriever, part Weimaraner.  Just before Blue and I were leaving my mom’s, he started barking this very distressed bark that I had never heard before.  When Iwent to the front door and yelled his name, Blue came running to me from the neighbor’s fence.  I followed him back to the fence where we found the neighbor’s little white dog caught up in a rope between the fence and a tree.  This smaller dog was in distress and looked very helpless.  When I alerted the neighbor of the situation, she quickly freed the dog and began thanking me.  I said ‘don’t thank me, thank my dog Blue.  He’s the only one that knew your dog was in trouble.’  Blue is a hero.”
-by Steve Archer, proud pet parent of Blue.  Blue has had PetFirst coverage since Aug. 2013

Interested in entering our Pet of the Month Contest? Click on the following link for contest details and entry information:
Enter PetFirst’s Pet of the Month Contest

Blue the dog looking out the window as he rides shotgun in the car

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