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Homeward Bound, Thanks To HomeAgain

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
11 years ago

Too many pet owners know firsthand the pain and anxiety of a lost pet.  Not knowing whether your family will ever see your pet again, hearts jumping every time the phone rings, fliers written in crayon adorning telephone poles for weeks and weeks — it’s all too familiar.  It’s more than enough that we should realize that losing a beloved pet is a serious reality.  In fact, on average, 1 in 3 pets will become lost in their lifetime!  Of course if it were up to us, we would never allow such a fate to befall our furry friends.  But it isn’t always in our hands.  It’s for that reason that we at PetFirst are proud to partner with  HomeAgain, pet microchip experts.

Having your pet microchipped allows any vet or shelter to instantly recognize who your pet is and who he or she belongs to, even without a collar or tags.  But HomeAgain goesa step further.  They’ve teamed up with PetFirst to offer Lost Pet Medical Insurance, adding a little extra peace of mind to the greatly increased chances that your pet will be returned to you.  With Lost Pet Medical Insurance, if your pet is injured or becomes ill while lost, then PetFirst will cover up to $3000 in veterinary costs.  We never want you to have to worry about cost if you find your pet in distress.

Lucky for Maggie, her owners didn’t delay.  It is hard to imagine but little Maggie the Boston Terrier was actually stolen (Pet Theft is a growing problem in America, but is fortunately covered by Lost Pet Medical the same as wandering away from home)!  How and why she was taken, we don’t know.  But we do know that she managed to escape and embark on a harrowing journey home sometime during a period of 8 whole weeks!

Maggie returned home a very distressed doggie.  Her owners found her limping with multiple scrapes and bruises, and road rash suggesting she’d had a run-in with a car!  Her mom and dad were able to whisk her to the vet without thinking twice.  Thanks to their quick action, this story has a happy ending.  After a big vet bill for such a little dog, this is the outcome:

Total bill for Maggie’s X-rays, Blood work, Analysis and Meds: $523.21
PetFirst Coverage Level: 100%
Deductible Applied: $50
Paid by PetFirst: $473.21

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