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February’s Claim of the Month: Parker vs. Porcupines

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
3 years ago

I first stumbled upon pet insurance when I got my dog, Shadow, in 2010. All I remember thinking at the time was that Shadow was our newest family member and I wanted to protect her. I’m proud to say I have been with PetFirst for 8 years now! I have a total of 4 policies and have never dealt with a better insurance company!


Every time I call with a question or speak with someone at PetFirst, I’m always impressed by how warm and friendly everyone is. PetFirst has the best Customer Service ever! You can really tell they love their jobs and care about you and your pets. They are an amazing community of people and treat you just like family! You don’t find that everywhere!

Even though I don’t file a claim every year I have a policy, I keep it for my peace of mind. I am definitely a planner, but with pets, you can’t always plan for every expense! One experience, in particular, is a great example of something I never planned for. My dog, Parker, encountered a porcupine (I didn’t even know there were porcupines in my area!) and ended up with quills on his face and muzzle! I took him for an emergency exam and the vet took care of him! The total ordeal cost me $1,099.04. PetFirst paid exactly what my policy called for: $899.14.


Believe it or not, Parker wasn’t fazed and he had ANOTHER run-in with the porcupine several months later. This time he brought my other dog Paris along for the fun and they BOTH ended up with quills! I took them to the emergency vet to get the care they needed. This time, the porcupine run in cost me just under $2000 for both dogs! PetFirst paid my claims quickly (just over $1600) and I’m happy to report no porcupine incident has occurred since!

Even if you think you’ve planned for every possible scenario, you never know what your pets might be up to! I have PetFirst Pet Insurance for my 4 dogs, but mostly for my own peace of mind!

Nadine R., Newfields, NH

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