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Remembering Red

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
1 year ago

Robert has been a PetFirst pet parent for over ten years and we are fortunate to have been entrusted to provide coverage for his dogs throughout the years. When Red, Robert’s seven year old boxer, became ill we were able to be there for them both to help make sure that Red got the necessary care.

Red needed radiation treatments and prescriptions, in addition to his treatments of laser and acupuncture therapy for his chronic arthritis in his shoulder. The costs for all of these treatments totaled over $5,000. Fortunately Robert didn’t have to worry about how he would pay for everything and he was able to concentrate on giving Red his full attention and love. 

Red passed away on December 1, 2018 due to the brain tumor. We know he lived the very best life with a pet parent that gave him the resources to live it in the most comfortable and happy way possible.

“I would absolutely recommend Pet First to all animal lovers that want to give their babies the best medical attention without regard to the cost”. Thank you Robert for allowing us to be a part of Red’s life and for sharing your story to help other pet parents who might find themselves in a similar situation one day. 

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