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Is Pet Insurance Worth it?

Health care for animals can be very costly, but with pet insurance1 you can get coverage for certain conditions for your furry family member. Get money back for your veterinary expenses with a pet health insurance plan from PetFirst1. See how affordable PetFirst makes providing your pet with great veterinary care.

The Cost of Top 10 Common Claims from PetFirst Policyholders

Health Condition
Avg Claim Amount
Ear Infection
Sinus Infection
Chemical Ingestion
Foreign Body Ingestion

Learn more about our dog and cat insurance plans, including conditions covered2, common dog illnesses and accidents5, and more.

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What Is The Cost of Veterinary Care for Dogs and Cats?

If you have been to the vet lately, you may have experienced sticker shock. You aren’t alone. 

Veterinary medicine is making more extensive testing and treatment options readily available to pet owners – allowing pets to live longer, happier lives. Previously reserved for their human counterparts, pets are now able to be treated for almost anything from arthritis and anxiety to cancer and seizures.

Let PetFirst protect your pet and your wallet from expensive vet costs. Get a free pet insurance quote now to see how much a plan for your dog, cat or entire fur-family is.