Why Your Pet Needs Health Insurance
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Why Your Pet Needs Health Insurance

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
5 years ago

pet wellness plansAs far as human wellness goes, one of the best things a person can do for both their physical and emotional health is to get a pet. Whether it’s a dog or a cat, animals provide companionship, comfort and a sense of responsibility that is proven time and again to keep people happy and living longer.

But in order to keep humans happy and healthy with theirpets, they need to take the best care of their furry companions possible. And for this reason and more, it goes without saying that pet owners treat their furry friends as if they were family.

But despite the fact that our pets are indeed considered family, many neglect to invest in healthcare for pets in the form of pet wellness plans. 

vet care costs in US image

It’s no secret that keeping a pet healthy is an expensive endeavor. In fact, the U.S. spends $12.56 billion on pet supplies and over-the-counter medicine alone each year. On top of that, the U.S. also spends $13.59 billion on vet care each year.

“It’s puzzling why we are a nation so in love with our pets, yet so slow to embrace the concept of pet insurance,” says Kristen Lynch, executive director of the North American Pet Health Insurance Association.

But when an emergency strikes (and trust us, it will), it’s easy for a small mistake to quickly snowball into a veterinarian bill with a bottom line of thousands of dollars.

In order to ensure that you are always able to afford to give your pet the best health care for animals possible, it’s imperative to invest in pet health insurance plans.

Pet health insurance is surprisingly affordable and easy to accommodate to most cats and dogs in all walks of life. However, most pet wellness plans do no accommodate animals that have pre-existing conditions.

Pet owners love their cats and dogs more than most things in the world. Show your pets you care by investing in health wellness plans that will not only extend their lives but your savings and overall happiness, too.

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