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Why Every Pet Owner Should Have Pet Insurance

by MetLife Pet Insurance
5 years ago

– Guest Blogger: Danielle Salice

Ask yourself when a pet medical emergency strikes, how financially prepared are you?

I learned the hard way as many people have about pet insurance. My first Boxer passed from kidney failure at age 4 (I found her wondering on the streets on El Cajon, CA at age 2). Enjoyed her for 2 years before her body started shutting down, and shortly thereafter learned she was born with one kidney and her body was failing her. After several bouts with dialysis, her quality of life was not good and she crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

The cost of her medical bills didn’t matter to me as I was trying to do whatever I could to make her comfortable, and my father was helping me at the time. My second boxer passed at 4.5 (she was a stray on the streets of South Central Los Angeles). When I found her she had nine massive lumps ALL over her and her nipples were hanging down as she just had puppies. Well, a staggering 57 staples and $10K later, I had the nine tumors of stage 2 mass cell tumors removed. She was strong for a year and then her immune system began shutting down. Another $15K to help her before she lost her battle. She was not in any pain, still had energy, was eating and drinking…and one day she went over the Rainbow Bridge. I learned…I NEED TO INVEST IN PET INSURACE should I EVER get another DOG!

AND I DID — the DAY I brought home my boy, Capone!

Here are some of the TOP reasons EVERY pet owner should have pet insurance:

  • Allows you to pick your own vet, unlike human health care insurance policies that may require you to use a specific health care provider, you simply provide the veterinarian bill to the insurance company for reimbursement of the qualified expenses.
  • Does not discriminate against breed or age of pet. While it is advised to obtain pet insurance as soon as you adopt and or get a dog from a breeder, to obtain lower premiums, you can also insure your pet years later.
  • Having pet insurance gives you a peace of mind. It allows you to choose the treatments for you ailing and injured pet based on the best medical options available. Not just based on your family’s finances. Most pet insurances policies reimburse up to 80% of costs after deductibles.
  • Pet insurance policies can be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually, and most offer discounts for additional pets in the same household! This provides an easy way to budget your pet care costs. Some even cover special diets, medications and routine care!
  • To prevent dipping into the “family emergency fund”, you can set up a “PET EMERGENCY FUND” savings account! I DID IT! It can be tough, just takes discipline and self-esteem! Also, ask your employer if they may offer pet insurance. I know to my surprise my new employer did!

TRUST ME!! It will be the BEST money you EVER INVESTED!


PetFirst Pet Insurance guest blogger Danielle Salice poses with her dog
Danielle Salice is a pet lover, and Boxer dog aficionado— she has owned three boxers during her adult life (CarlySue, AbbySue and Capone). She also has a penchant for German Shepherds, which was her family’s breed of choice growing up. Danielle is active in the animal welfare industry and currently volunteers at Last Chance at Life, All Breed Rescue and Adoptions. Danielle became a PetFirst Pet Insurance policyholder in 2009 and has been a pet insurance advocate ever since.

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