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Periodontal Disease – Why The Fine Print In Your Pet Insurance Plan Matters

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
3 years ago
In our series – Why The Fine Print In Your Pet Insurance Plan Matters – we are educating customers on loopholes in their dog insurance or cat insurance plans which could cause disappointment in coverage down the line.

You can download our entire Pet Insurance Guide: Why The Fine Print Matters.

Today’s topic:
Periodontal Disease

What is this?

Periodontal disease is essentially a gum disease which can be devastating to your dog’s mouth. Symptoms can include pain, inflamed gums, tissue destruction, bone loss and loss of teeth. Plus, periodontal disease is five times more likely in pets than in humans. There are studies stating 80% of dogs have some stage or periodontal disease by age 3.

Periodontal disease can also lead to other issues like diabetes and heart disease.

How does this affect you?

As you can imagine, once your dog has developed periodontal disease and will need continued treatment, cleanings and possibly tooth extractions, the costs can definitely add up. Especially, if you pet develops a secondary condition like heart disease or diabetes from periodontal disease. Even if an insurer covers heart disease and diabetes, since it is caused by the periodontal disease they don’t cover – those issues would be covered either.

The average vet bill for a periodontal disease claim is $456.45, but we have seen surgeries for periodontal disease cost $5,367.16 for one pet parent last year. Where it really stacks up is with the secondary conditions. For example, a pet with diabetes will need continuing care and will need to visit the vet several times a year for treatment. The average bill for a diabetic visit is $363.04, which can run into the thousands easily.  Heart diease is another chronic condition requiring on-going care for the rest of the pet’s life, and can cost $346.82 per visit, with some as high as $1,027.

Which Pet Insurance Companies Do Not Cover Periodontal Disease:

  • Healthy Paws
  • Embrace Pet Insurance
  • Nationwide
  • Petplan
  • Figo Pet Insurance
  • Trupanion
  • PetsBest

Where does PetFirst stand?

PetFirst is one of the only pet health insurance companies that provides coverage for periodontal disease. We understand the statistics, and know that 80% of dogs and many cats will suffer from periodontal disease by age 3, so we know it is not only something pet owners want in their pet insurance plan – it is something they need.

Download Pet Insurance Guide

Download Pet Insurance Guide

In this series, we deep dive into the other following areas where coverage could be lacking if you have another pet insurance company’s plan:

Now that you’ve done your research on pet healthcare plans, you can see PetFirst provides the most comprehensive, best pet insurance plan for dogs and cats. With no “gotchas” in the fine print, you can rest easy knowing you are able to give your pet the care they need.

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