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Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
9 years ago

Is pet insurance worth it? According to, average vet bills were more than $500 last year, and 1 in 6 pets were faced with a serious illness that cost the pet owner more than $1,000.

With a tough economy, the unemployment rate at 9%, and the holidays fast approaching, money can be tight for most pet owners. Investing in pet insurance is worth your consideration.

In a recent survey we conducted on Facebook, 62% of respondents indicated they purchased pet insurance through PetFirst because veterinary bills can be expensive, and PetFirst helps recoup the costs. These folks are on to something- it costs me about $200 each time I take my lab to the vet, which totals about $800 per year!

As with any financial decision, you need to make one that is right for you. In order to understand the benefits of pet insurance, your friends at PetFirst recommend doing your due diligence for the following:

1. Understand how pet insurance works.  Pet medical insurance is like property insurance, pet insurance reimburses the owner after the pet has received care and the owner submits a claim to the insurance company. Most companies cover dog insurance and cat insurance, and some offer discounts for multi-pet families. Remember that preventive care, like boosters, are part of being a pet owner and are not often covered by insurance.

2. Get the plan that best fits your pet’s needs and your lifestyle. Pet insurance plans vary within a company, and between companies. Do your research and get a quote.

3. Look at the testimonials of current customers; they have used their coverage and had success. Most pet insurance companies list these on their website. Check out PetFirst’s testimonials to see some of our success stories. It is also a great idea to get recommendations from your friends and family.

I think Herb Weisum of said it best, “If you buy pet insurance, and don’t use it, consider yourself lucky. But with pets living longer these days, your chances of using the policy are greater and greater.”

Here’s to happy and healthy pets!

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