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Health Scare for Chocolate Lab is Covered Thanks to Pet Insurance Plan

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
7 years ago

PetFirst pet insurance reimburses pet owner $9,000 for care received during emergency vet visit.

Delilah the chocolate lab sitting down on the grass and looking up at the camera with her tongue out

A curious dog and a holiday bandana are not a good mix, especially for Delilah, a 5-year-old Chocolate Labrador Retriever from Coconut Creek, Fla.

“Delilah is a delightful dog, very playful and curious,” said Kimberly Bruce, pet parent to Delilah, Duke, a lab mix dog, and Daisy, a cat.  “She typically wears decorative bandanas around her neck to recognize various holidays.”

But something was different on this day.  Delilah managed to chew on the bandana and eventually ate the entire thing.  In veterinary care terms, this is a foreign body ingestion.

“At first Delilah was doing OK.  I took her to the vet and was advised to keep a watchful eye on her,” said Bruce.  “But within a few hours, her condition quickly deteriorated.”

Most pets with a foreign body ingestion will present with signs such as:

  • Being lethargic
  • Not eating or drinking
  • Spiking a fever which can lead to seizures and other complications

This lead Bruce to rush Delilah to the Coral Springs Animal Hospital where they performed emergency surgery to remove the troublesome bandana.  Unfortunately in this particular situation, Delilah had also become septic, meaning she had an infection in her body as a result of the foreign object.  The infection started affecting Delilah’s other organs and everything began to shut down.

“Delilah remained at the animal hospital in the Intensive Care Unit and was monitored very closely for several days,” said Bruce.  “The hospital allowed me to visit her every day, sometimes three times per day.  And in time she slowly began to come back around and eventually made a full recovery.”

Bruce has PetFirst’s Lifetime 10,000 pet insurance plan for Delilah which reimburses up to 90% of veterinary expenses after the deductible is met.  And with this plan, there are no per-incident limits, allowing Bruce to be reimbursed the maximum amount for even just one accident or illness.

“For the surgery, lab testing and x-rays, plus five days in the hospital, Delilah’s veterinary bill reached more than $11,000.  An expense I could not manage to pay myself,” said Bruce.  “Thanks to PetFirst and the pet insurance policy I chose, I was reimbursed more than $9,800 for everything.”

Bruce has been a PetFirst policyholder for more than four years and is grateful to have the pet insurance plan in place for when she needed it.

“By having pet insurance I didn’t have to worry about the veterinary expenses, I could spend my time and energy focused on Delilah and nursing her back to health,” said Bruce.

Pet parents can learn more about affordable pet insurance plans by logging onto or calling 877-894-7387.

Delilah the chocolate lab, sitting down in the grass and looking up at the camera with her tongue out

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