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Dog with Nine Lives and a Great Pet Insurance Plan has Stories to Share

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
7 years ago

PetFirst pet insurance reimburses pet owner more than $2,400 for care received due to a dog’s curiosity and sense of adventure.

Most of the time you hear about a cat with nine lives, but this time it’s Scout, an 8-year-old Beagle from Chino Valley, Ariz.  Scout has many stories to share about all the times he has been in tragic situations.

Scout the beagle, sitting on a tile floor and curiously tilting his head as he looks at the camera

“Scout has more like 20 – 30 lives,” said Lloyd Sizemore, pet parent to both Scout and his pet sister Sammy, a Shih Tzu.  “Scout is curious and mischievous all at the same time.”

Scout’s story starts with an adventure.  Sizemore was serving on a search and rescue team fighting a forest fire in Utah several years ago when he found the Beagle puppy caught in a dangerous area.  Sizemore took Scout in and they quickly became a search and rescue team.  Since his retirement from search and rescue efforts, Scout still serves as a service dog to his owner who suffers from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and high blood pressure.

“Scout listens to my breathing and senses when I need assistance.  I keep my inhaler and medications in his line of site everywhere we go.  If I become distressed, he brings them to me,” said Sizemore.

In addition to Scout’s sense of service, he also is adventurous and has the run of the land.  Neighbors know him very well since he escapes from their fenced in yard frequently.

“He chases rabbits, cats, even skunks!  And when Scout is in the house and things get quiet, I know to go looking for him; he’s probably up to no good.”

Scout has been insured by PetFirst for three years and during that time has come across a few common illnesses and some not-so-common accidents leading to injuries.

“Perhaps his most infamous adventure was in 2011 when Scout and I went fishing,” said Sizemore.  “He decided the stink bait on a treble hook smelled like something he wanted to eat.  He did eat it, hook and all.  The x-ray revealed the hook stuck in his throat. Luckily it did not block his airway.  But the vet had to remove the hook. $1,500 later Scout was released.  Thanks to PetFirst, I was able to afford this and the many other sicknesses and repairs he has undergone over the last few years.”

X-ray of Scout's throat showing a stuck fishing hook

Scout is no stranger to the vet.  Over the last three years he has had the fish hook removed, battled pneumonia and suffered a bite wound that needed surgical repair.  All of these events have landed Scout at the vet and Sizemore with hefty vet bills.  But with his pet insurance plan in place, Sizemore submits his receipt and the medical records from Scout’s vet visit to be reimbursed as part of his Accident and Illness insurance plan.

“Pet insurance has been great for my wife and I to have for Scout,” said Sizemore.  “Over the years our pet insurance plan has reimbursed us up to 90% of our veterinary expenses.  And we are very pleased with the customer service and timely turnaround of the reimbursement process.”

Pet parents can learn more about affordable pet insurance plans by logging onto or calling 877-894-7387.

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