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Aging Ear & Eye Conditions – Why The Fine Print In Your Pet Insurance Plan Matters

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
4 years ago

In our series – Why The Fine Print In Your Pet Insurance Plan Matters – we are educating customers on loopholes in their dog insurance or cat insurance plans which could cause disappointment in coverage down the line.

You can download our entire Pet Insurance Guide: Why The Fine Print Matters.

Today’s topic: 
Aging Ear & Eye Conditions

What is this?

There is a reason the saying “fighting like cats and dogs” is so prevalent – it’s true. Our pets show us so much love and while most enjoy playing with their furry siblings, sometimes one pet may cross the line between being playful and seeming aggressive… and the other pet will let them know. Pets do and will fight – they are animals, and it is in their nature. And, while many injuries may be superficial, sometimes they can do serious damage to one another.

How does this affect you?

A fight between pets is scary enough, so when it includes both (or more) of your furry family, you want to be sure your pet insurance plan reimburses for injuries all pets sustain. Unforutnately, injuries caused by housemates can be quite expensive. The average vet bill for a fight between animals is $1,138.07, with some as high as $8,521.29. A hefty price tag – especially if you have more than one pet that is injured.

Which Pet Insurance Companies Do Not Cover Injuries by Housemates:

  • Embrace Pet Insurance


Where does PetFirst stand?

PetFirst provides reimbursement for injuries caused by other animals, whether they live with the injured pet or not. We know it is a traumatic time when you pet is injured, and we want to make sure we can help you get the veterinary care your pet needs. That way, you can worry about restoring the peace and not how you are going to afford vet care.

Download Pet Insurance Guide

Download Pet Insurance Guide

In this series, we deep dive into the other following areas where coverage could be lacking if you have another pet insurance company’s plan:

Now that you’ve done your research on pet healthcare plans, you can see PetFirst provides the most comprehensive, best pet insurance plan for dogs and cats. With no “gotchas” in the fine print, you can rest easy knowing you are able to give your pet the care they need.

How much does pet insurance cost?

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