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Pet Insurance Comparison

We know there are lots of options for your pet’s insurance coverage and it can sometimes be confusing. We will help you compare pet insurance plans from PetFirst with plans from other companies so you can choose the plan pet for you and your particular situation.

PetFirst Embrace FIGO Healthy Paws Nationwide PetsBest PetPlan Trupanion
Shortest wait periods X X X X X X X
Fully Customizable coverage Limited
100% reimbursement options X X X X X X
Coverage for bilateral conditions X X X Limited
Coverage for chronic conditions
Coverage for breed specific, hereditary and congential conditions
Exam fee coverage included in plan X X X X
No upper age limits for accident and illness policies X
No annual exam required X X X
Coverage for holistic and alternative therapies Limited Additional rider required
Vanishing/Deminishing deductible X X X X X X
Prescriptions covered without a rider Limited
Wait Periods
Midnight EST 2-days 5-days 15-days 2 weeks 3-days 5-days 5-days
Illnesses 14-days 14-days 14-days 15-days 2 weeks 14-days 15-days 30-days

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