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Things Your Pets Might Do if They Had Opposable Thumbs
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Things Your Pets Might Do if They Had Opposable Thumbs

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
2 years ago

Your pets watch you nonstop.  You are their whole world. Chances are they would like to do exactly what you do. Have you ever stopped to think about what your life would look like if your pets actually could do the things humans do?

March 3rd is “If Pets Had Thumbs Day,” so we thought it would be fun to consider what our beloved pets might do if they had opposable thumbs.  After all, who knows? Someday all that observing may pay off.


  1. Text you nonstop

Forget putting “pick up pet food” on your To-Do List.  Chances are your furry friend will have that covered.

Fifi and Fido will most likely text you multiple times to pick up their favorite treats on your way home.

And, of course, waiting for your favorite things makes every moment feel like an eternity so you can expect multiple texts asking when you are going to be home, how far you are from home, and how much longer until you get home.


  1.  Take selfies and update their social media

Or worse yet, they might take cute pictures and videos of you sleeping on the couch, snoring, tongue hanging out, and post them to their own Instagram accounts.

Just imagine your pet’s social media account:






  1. Surf the net

There are so many things we say to our pets that they wish they had the answers to.  What better way to get answers than to do what they’ve seen us do? Google them.

The internet can open up a whole new world for pets.  Imagine finding the answers to:

  • Who’s a good boy?
  • Who’s been a bad boy?
  • Who wants a treat?
  • Do you have to sniff that?
  • Do you want me to throw the ball?
  • What’s the best breed of human?
  • Why does some poop taste better than other poop?

  1.  Do some online shopping

We all love the ease and convenience of online shopping.   Chances are our pets wouldn’t take long to follow suit.

What could you expect to find, in addition to a maxed out charge card, if your pet got ahold of your Amazon account?

You would likely find boxes of chew toys, yummy treats, balls, bones, and even some high-end pet beds showing up on your doorstep.


  1.  Go out for a day

Since they’d be able to let themselves in and out, your pets just might sneak out for a day, or at least part of a day.  

They have to be wondering if the pooch down the road has a bigger, better fenced in yard.  While they’re at it, why not find out who in the neighborhood has the tastiest treats?

Like all things off-limits, your pets would probably just enjoy the challenge of sneaking out and coming back before you return.

Just make sure you microchip your pet to ensure his or her safe return.  

PetFirst Pet Insurance offers Routine Wellness Coverage that helps to cover the costs to microchip your pet.


  1.  Open and eat their (and your) favorite foods

With the run of the house and the ability to open the refrigerator,  you might find those leftovers gone when you return from work. The steak you were defrosting for dinner – forget that!  

Your dog knows where the good stuff is.


  1.  Throw our belongings across the lawn

Our pets just might take our prized possessions, throw them as far as they can, and tell us to “fetch!


  1.  Give the thumbs up

It would be gratifying if our pets periodically gave us the “thumbs up” to show us their appreciation for all our love and care.

Thumbs or no thumbs, PetFirst Pet Insurance is here to help cover the costs if your pet should face an unexpected accident or illness. Get a quote today.

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