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The Coolest Winter Clothes for Dogs and Cats

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
4 years ago

Winter clothes for dogs and cats might seem like a strange concept to some, but they’ve actually become a very popular niche market for pet owners. And, why not? There’s no reason our furry friends should be left in the cold while we get all bundled up. And, that’s exactly why so many manufacturer’s pet clothes are doing so well with modern day sales.

Indeed, there are many pet-owning fashionistas that enjoy the fun and creativity of dressing up their dogs and cats, but there are also more obvious and practical reasons they do so as well (like making sure they stay warm and comfortable). So, if you’re looking to join in on the fun this winter, check out some of thesegreat pet winter clothing ideas from all around the web.

Dog Snow Boots

Some dogs absolutely love playing in the snow—others, not so much. Regardless, a little snowfall is never a good reason to keep your dog inside all winter. Just remember, however, that if you DO go out, you need to be prepared!

One of the best ways to keep your dog’s paws healthy and safe during your wintry excursions is with a nice, warm pair of dog boots. Fortunately, there are plenty of established brands out there making high-quality snow boots for dogs. Here are some great places to start:

My Busy Dog Waterproof Dog Shoes with Reflective Velcro and Rugged Anti-Slip Sole: Available in a range of sizes (1-8) to accommodate any dog breed, age, or size, these rugged, waterproof dog shoes come with anti-slip soles and have been carefully manufactured to provide optimal security, convenience, and functionality. No wonder they’ve obtained a nearly five-star rating on Amazon…and out of nearly 700 customer review, too!

Pet Labs Waterproof Dog Shoes High-Quality Anti-Slip Rubber Sole: A slightly cheaper alternative to My Busy Dog’s super-premium anti-slip soles, Pet Labs’ waterproof-dog shoes pro
vide a nearly comparable level of quality. They also gently conform to your dog’s unique paw shape, which makes them an extremely comfortable option for any cold weather canine. And, to help you easily put them on and take them off, they also come with convenient velcro straps, just like the ones manufactured by My Busy Dog!

Dog Coats, Parkas, Sweaters, and More

Fluffy white dog wearing a red and white Christmas sweater

Now that you’ve got your pup’s paws protected, it’s time to cover the rest! Whether you’re looking for pet clothes for small, medium or large dogs, there’s no shortage of cute and stylish choices. Take a look at some of these awesome finds:

Scheppend Adidog Winter Tracksuit: These adorable Adidog (like Adidas—get it?) tracksuits are made with luxuriously warm cotton fabric and come ready-to-wear in all sizes. The unique Adidas-inspired design boasts four leg holes and a hood, ensuring your pooch gets full-body protection from the nasty cold. And, last but not least, the iconic double stripes on the arms, legs, and head of the “tracksuit” really bring home the classic look of Adidas.

WeatherBeeta Reflective Deluxe Parka: For those looking for wholesale pet clothes that are more functional than fashionable, look no further! This parka might be more expensive yet less flashy than other options, but there’s a good reason for that: it’s designed for optimal performance and protection from wetness and cold. This high-quality, waterproof parka wraps completely around your dog’s chest and belly with its insulated nylon lining. Plus, it comes in a highly visible orange design for added safety, complete with reflective stripes.

Qingshan Winter Clothes for Small Dogs: Here’s something for the more fashion-conscious crowd. Qingshan is known for manufacturing adorably stylish pet clothes exclusively for small dogs.Toy breeds will really stand out in these eye-catching, vibrant designs, while also feeling snug as a bug in irresistibly soft velvet fabric. This is definitely the best selection for anyone looking to bring out the diva in their doggy!

But What About the Cats?

Cat wearing blue and white suit

While pet clothes for dogs generally steal the pet clothing spotlight, that doesn’t mean winter wear for cats is non-existent. Check out a couple quick feline finds from around the web that you won’t be able to pick up in any old pet clothing store:

Bolboce Bro’Bear Cable Knit Turtleneck Sweater for Cats: A turtleneck sweater for cats? Prepare to have your heart melted. Take a look, then just imagine your own cat walking around in this comfortable (and undeniably adorable) acrylic sweater! Now that’s a conversation starter!

BXT Bao Core BXT Pets Cats Spring/Fall/Winter Hoodie/Jumpsuit: So, maybe your cat isn’t really the turtleneck type—there’s nothing wrong with that! This super-soft, super-warm velvet sweater will serve as a great alternative. Plus, it comes fully equipped with its own artificial ears on the hat, which surely are the only way to make your cat cuter than it already is (besides for the turtleneck option, that is).

Until Spring Returns!

For some, buying pet clothes for dogs and/or cats online or in a pet clothing store is a great way to get creative with their four-legged companions. For others, wholesale pet clothes are simply a practical way to ward off the bitterness of winter. And for others still, it’s some combination of the two! But whatever your personal reason is, it’s never a bad idea to warm up your furry friends any way you can until warmer days return.

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