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The Best Apps for Cat Owners

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
4 years ago


It’s rare to find someone who isn’t glued to their mobile device at least a few times throughout theday. With their endless selection of increasingly interactive and always entertaining apps, it is no surprise that smartphones are the preferred means of passing time. As the availability of apps and app types becomes more and more diverse and prevalent, options for pet lovers are becoming abundant. Just as dog owners have tons of awesome apps to choose from, so do cat owners!

Whether you’re looking something helpful, something informative or something that’s just flat out silly, be sure to check out these six awesome apps that are perfect for felines and their owners.

CrazyCat (Free)

CrazyCat app logo

There’s a first for everything, so it really shouldn’t be too surprising that someone made a game specifically designed for cats…to play. Via bluetooth, you use your phone to control an assortment of lively animated critters that your cat chases about on your tablet screen. The faster you’re moving the animal across the screen, the more points you receive when your cat catches it. As far as novel feline entertainment goes, you really can’t top CrazyCat.

American Red Cross – Pet First Aid (Free)

American Red Cross Pet First Aid free app

We included this app on our Best Apps for Dog Owners list as well, and for good reason. Fully enabled with text, video and images, this app gives users the ability to quickly toggle back and forth between dog and cat-themed content, where they can then access step-by-step instructions on how to deal with a number of emergency situations. However, this just scratches the surface of the content available here. Keeping your feline friends safe has never been easier, and considering it’s a free download, it’s never been cheaper, either.

Snapcat (Free)

Logo of the Snapcat app for cat owners


Sometimes, you just have to wonder if the name came before the actual idea. Either way, Snapcat is a world of fun. This app uses an icon that flutters across your phone and attracts your cat’s attention. Once your cat’s paw hits the icon, a selfie is taken! Plus, with native social media integration and the ability to add tons of fun filters and stickers, it really is just like Snapchat for cats!

Cat Clicker Training ($0.99)

Logo of the Cat Clicker Training app for cat owners

Training a cat is no easy undertaking, which is why a little reinforcement goes a long way. Clicker training associates a positive reward with the completion of a command, but with the distinctive sound of a click preceding the reward. Before long, this clicking noise will be instantly recognizable by your cat, who will associate it with the reward. With this app, the simple click of an icon will immediately play that clicking noise, meaning that training sessions can be as spontaneous and flexible as your cat’s lovable, random personality.

Cat Game (Free)

Cat Game free app logo

The average cat could spend the rest of itslife eating, napping and chasing red dots across the room. The developers of Cat Game knew this so, naturally, they based a game off of it. Even the laziest cats will find themselves enthralled by your phone (or you) as you get into their fast-paced mindset and try to “catch” a host of fast-moving red dots moving across your screen. It’s as fun for them to watch as it is for you to play.

Petsie Cats (Free)

Logo of the Petsie Cats free app for cat owners

While cat breeds aren’t as frequently discussed as the breeds of their canine counterparts, any serious cat lover knows there’s plenty of variety out there. Featuring hundreds of breeds to learn about, this super helpful app, based on the popular social media website Petsie, informs and tests your knowledge of the diverse variety of cats. For experts, it’s a great way to test and refine your existing knowledge. For those who are just as curious as a cat, it’s a fun way to learn the basics and become a feline expert.

As you can see, there are plenty of options to choose from. And with the low or virtually nonexistent price tags accompanying each of these apps, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to find one that’s purr-fect for even the pickiest of cats to get a kick out of.

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