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Snickers – The Ice Cream Boat Dog

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
3 years ago

As someone who lives in the Midwest, I spend much of my time in the cold winters planning trips to warm destinations.   Florida is probably the most popular road trip for me and my family of four.  This past summer, we were excited to have friends join us as we headed down to the Florida Gulf coast to soak up some sunshine.

Between our two families, we had four kiddos with us ranging between the ages of eight to eleven. We planned out all of our typical beach activities, plus some zip lining and mini-golf.  All the things that make great childhood memories for our kids. There was one activity though, that had a little twist we wouldn’t have imagined, and it made for an amazing memory for all of us.

We rented a pontoon boat and were having a fabulous day just zooming around out on the Gulf of Mexico. It was a perfect day—  that only got better.  We took a little break at a spot called Shell Island.

We walked the shore looking for shells and spent some time snorkeling. As we were about to leave, I heard some familiar, yet odd music for the usual ocean soundtrack.  It sounded like music that typically came from an ice cream truck. There were several other boats in this area so we had to look around for a minute or two before we finally spotted where the music was coming from— it was an ice cream boat!  Talk about excitement.  The kids went crazy and the adults were pretty happy too.

We flagged down the ice cream boat and were ready to place our order, but we were quickly distracted by the dog that was onboard the ice cream boat. The kids immediately asked if they could pet the dog.  He was a small dog and was wearing a life vest with a little handle on the top.  The owner quickly picked him up by the handle on his life vest and handed him over to our boat to my youngest daughter, whom just happens to be a huge animal lover.  She was in heaven!  The owner told us that his name was Snickers.  I couldn’t even believe that we encountered an ice cream boat much less that we would get to be entertained by the owner’s dog!  The kids momentarily forgot about their ice cream and just enjoyed loving on Snickers.

He seemed to love every minute of it too!
Snickers the Ice Cream Boat dog with his new friends
All too quick, Snickers had to return to his boat and move on to his next customer. But he left us with a great memory I’m pretty sure my kids will never forget.  Sometimes as parents we work too hard to plan those perfect events for our kids.  Sometimes we just need to chill out and wait for Snickers, the water dog, to show up! You really can’t top that.


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