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Picking The Perfect Name For Your New Pet

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
4 years ago


Having a new pet leads to excitement, preparation, and one critical question: What should I name it? Giving your new friend their name is an important decision. You will call them that for the rest of their life, when they are being good and bad. Fortunately, with some creativity you can findthe perfect namefor your animal. To start, ask yourself these five questions.

What are your shared family interests? Do you all love the same movie? Is there a vacation spot that holds special meaning? The names of characters and places can be a great source of inspiration when naming your cat or dog. Many popular pet names come from this type of significance, so consider what matters to you.

Are there any public figures that have inspired you lately? 
Who are your most recent heroes? Whether an athlete, actor, or historical figure, think about who inspires you. Naming your pet after one of these people will remind you of their inspiration every time you say it. 

Which names do you like the sound of? 
Go down your list of possible pet names and say each one out loud. Do you like the way it sounds? Remember that you will have to shout this in public, so if you feel silly saying it, it might not be the right name. You should also think about what natural nickname might come about from the name you choose. If you’re leaning towards “Wilson”, for example, you might try saying “Willy” in a few different scenarios just to make sure you are as comfortable with the nickname as you are with the pet’s formal name. 

Do the people in your life have any ideas? 
If you are ready for an influx of original and popular pet names, consider putting a call out to your friends on social media. Your friends and family might have creative name suggestions that you haven’t even thought of.

What is special about your pet? 
While it might be hard to tell when your pet is a puppy or a kitten, watch to see what stands out about them. Do they have any unique markings on their fur? Do they seem to have a personality quick? Paying attention to these traits will help you choose a unique name.

While most pets are adopted from acquaintances and family members, 28% of dogs are adopted from breeders, and 29% of pets come from shelters. Wherever you got your pet, the early stages are exciting. Picking their name will happen as you set up the house, choose a pet care provider, and introduce them to your loved ones. Selecting the best name for new cats and dogs is the first step to introducing them into your life. 

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