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How To Enjoy The Dog Days of Summer with Your Pup
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How To Enjoy The Dog Days of Summer with Your Pup

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
2 years ago

We all feel a bit more relaxed during the summer when the warm days are longer.  There’s nothing better for the soul than spending time with those we love, human, and canine.  So set aside a little extra time to bond with your dog this summer. Chances are your dog loves being with you, so any activity that you can enjoy together will be time well spent. 

Here are a few ways you and your pooch can enjoy time together before summer draws to a close:

Take a hike! – If you like to hike, this can be a great summer activity for you and your fur friend (provided you take precautions against becoming overheated). Hiking offers both you and your dog numerous benefits, including exercise, fresh air, an opportunity to see new places, and just the joy of being outdoors.  

Teach your dog a new trick – Just as exercise is essential for your dog’s physical well-being, keeping his mind active is equally as important.  Everybody has seen dogs “shake” or “give paw,” so why not get creative. Think how much fun it will be to show off how your dog can roll over or “give a high-five.” 

Teach your dog to do things for you – Better yet, teach your pooch some tricks that will not only challenge him but will make things easier on you!  Chances are your dog knows how to take his favorite toys out of the toy bin. He may even know his toys by name. If he knows that, you can certainly teach him to put the toys back in the toy bin, one by one when he is done playing with them.  

We all know moving takes a little motivation, particularly in the hot, humid summer months.  Even your dog is more likely to lie around on a cold floor than eagerly ask for his daily walk.  Well, sometimes it might be the owner who has trouble with motivation. If that’s the case, teach your dog to bring you his leash.  How can you turn down an offer to walk your dog when he comes prepared with puppy eyes and walking gear? 

Check out some videos or books on trick training before getting started.  Remember, the practice should be the fun part. It’s all about bonding and enjoying your time together. 

Hit the beach – Make sure to pack snacks, toys, and plenty of cold water. Before you hit the highway, make sure you’re heading to a dog-friendly beach. Pups aren’t allowed at some beaches, but many beaches and parks have areas where dogs can romp around and cool off in the water.  Consider bringing a long leash to allow your pup some freedom to play while being sure that he won’t run too far from you.  

At PetFirst, we know that accidents or illnesses can happen when we least expect it.  That’s why we have Dog Insurance Policies to fit every dog and every budget. 

Get out of town – Take your dog on a little getaway.  Instead of going to the usual places, take a night or a weekend away and stay at a dog-friendly hotel or bed and breakfast.  There are also listings for pet-friendly accommodations on Airbnb as well as 

Take your dog out to dinner – Summer is the perfect time to find a dog-friendly restaurant where you and your pup can sit outdoors and enjoy your surroundings.  Check out for services, activities, restaurants, and lodging that all cater to canines. 

Summer flies by, so make the most of it by planning some fun activities that you and your dog can enjoy together.  

If an accident or illness does occur, you can make sure that your pet is covered with PetFirst Pet Insurance.

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