Five Simple Reasons I Love to Bring My Dog to Work
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Five simple reasons I love to bring my dog to work: Katie Grant Blakeley, CEO of PetFirst

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
4 years ago

Franklin (pup to CEO Katie Blakeley) enjoys his spot at the PetFirst Pet Insurance conference room table.

  1. He keeps my road rage in check. There’s not a lot of time to get frustrated in my twenty minute commute, but I somehow seem to manage to become annoyed at least twice each week. Whether I’m reminding a slowpoke driver that “the on-ramp is for acceleration!” or taking deep, exasperated breaths, Franklin is a calming force in the car. I know I can shift my gaze to the rearview mirror and make eye contact with my pup, who is safely harnessed in the backseat. He’ll give me a look as if to say “calm it down, slick”. Staying in-tune to Franklin’s chi makes me a patient, calmer version of myself. Most of the time.
  2. He gives me a reason to get outside. This isn’t always convenient. Sometimes it’s cold. Sometimes it’s rainy. Sometimes cold and rainy. But, most of the time it’s quiet and a welcome change from the hustle of the office. He forces me to get up from my desk or pull away from a long meeting and take a much-needed break.
  3. I’m reminded of how stinking cute he is. Franklin and I celebrated five years together this month. In a lot of ways, the honeymoon is over. His habits of eating Kleenexes out of the bathroom trash can and leaving his slobbery chew toy atop my pillow are some of his less charming qualities. But, Franklin has a very solid fan base at PetFirst. There are very few “good mornings” for me when Franklin accompanies me to work. “Franklin! We’ve missed you, you good boy. Yes, we did. We sure did miss you.” These coos and cuddles from my work family remind me that I do have a pretty awesome pup.
  4. I do some of my best thinking while rubbing Franklin’s belly. I think he knows this. He seems to sense when I’m in a “work rut” and need some out-of-the box thinking. So he’ll shift to his back as if to say “C’mon, do it. Scratch my belly, clear your mind and recharge.” And you know what? It works. Taking time to give Franklin a pet, allows my brain to rest and reset for a few minutes.
  5. He makes me laugh. I work with a great group of people that appreciate the importance of a good chuckle, so I’m never starved for laughter. But when the day is full of conference calls, contract reviews and other not-so-fun activities, Frank still manages to give me a laugh. His favorite morning pose is sunny side up basking in the sun’s glow. He will also pop into an open chair at the conference table, which always lightens the tone of the discussion.

I know we’re lucky to have dogs in the office, but I think I’m especially lucky to have Franklin by my side at work.

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