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Top 20 Disney-Inspired Pet Names

by PetFirst Pet Insurance
4 years ago

Pet-owners often exhibit careful consideration when it comes to naming their pets, who are undoubtedly a special member of the family. Finding the perfect name for that new and lovable addition to the family is an important job. There are so many places to gain inspiration for pet names: books, movies, songs, etc.  

We closely examined the top 100 pet names of our policyholders beloved furry friends to see if there were any notable pet naming trends. We couldn’t help but notice several common names that corresponded with prominent Disney characters. From male to female, and feline to canine, below are 20 of the most popular, Disney-inspired pet names from our policyholders. 

Top 10 Disney-Inspired Male Pet Names 


  1. Max — It shouldn’t be surprising Max ranks in as the #1 male pet name for cats and dogs alike. While a common name overall, Max is also the name of Prince Eric’s pup in Disney’s The Little Mermaid. In the animated movie, Max is known for being a very loyal pet, exhibiting jubilant excitement when he finds his master on shore after a shipwreck. With Max being such a popular name, it’s possible that Disney gave Eric’s pup this name so he was relatable to the audience. Nonetheless, Disney and policyholders agree that Max is tops when it comes to quality pet names.   
  2. Buddy —  Many have seen or heard of the ridiculously talented Buddy from the Disney movie Air Bud, an athletic pooche who plays football, basketball and soccer. Buddy ranks as the #2 most popular name for male dogs and #3 for cats. The original Air Bud released in 1997, butthis has branched into 14 different series and spin-offs, providing even more naming inspiration. 
  3. Oliver — Some may remember the brave and friendly orange tabby cat from Disney’s 1988 animated hit Oliver & Company. Oliver makes the top 10 for both popular cat and dog names. 
  4. Jack — This name ranks in at #5 for cats and #6 for pups. Many know the adventurous and mischievous Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean series. There are five movies included in this series, starting in 2003 and most recently, 2017. Our pets tend to take afterthe daring pirate at times.  
  5. Zeus — The god of the sky from Hercules (1997) ranks in as a highly popular name for male cats and dogs. Zeus has the ability to control the weather and create storms. Your cat or dog may be a natural-born leader or have the ability to create chaos, and if so, Zeus is likely very fitting.  
  6. Shadow — From Homeward Bound, the beloved and wise Golden Retriever, Shadow is not only a popular name for dogs, but also for cats. In fact, Shadow is a much more common name for cats than it is for dogs. 
  7. Bruno — This character was the brave dog in the 1950 classic, Cinderella. He was extremely protective of Cinderella, particularly against her stepmother’s awful cat, Lucifer. It’s safe to assume your same-named pet would do the same for you. Bruno ranks as a top 50 name for both dogs and cats.  
  8. Thor — The name of the god of thunder ranks in at #39 for dogs and #54 for cats. For those with pets that are strong and honorable leaders, Thor is an obvious choice. The Marvel movie released in 2011; however, Thor was created for comics in 1962. 
  9. Gus — This is the name of the sweet and round mouse who was in a constant state of hunger in Cinderella. Gus ranks as a top 60 name for both cats and dogs.
  10. Mickey —  Almost everyone is familiar with the staple of Disney:  Mickey Mouse. It is no wonder this adventurous and iconic character, who came to life in 1928, is an inspiration for so many pet owners. 

Top 10 Disney-Inspired Female Pet Names

  1. Belle or Bella — Bella ranks in as the #1 pet name for female dogs and cats! Another version of the name, Belle, like the smart and brave princess in Beauty and the Beast, also ranks highly. Beauty and the Beast released in 1991 and again in 2017 with an updated version. Looks like the name could remain recognizable for a long time to come.   
  2. Daisy — Many people know Donald Duck’s always fashionable and fun-loving girlfriend, Daisy. She’s been around since 1940! When it comes to the most popular female pet names around, Daisy makes a top 5 appearance for both canines and felines. 
  3. Penny — Penny is the cute, shy orphan who was abducted by the evil Madame Medusa in the Disney’s The Rescuers (1977). The name Penny is also super popular amongst US pet owners, ranking in the top 20 of all female dog and cat names. 
  4. Lady — Remember the beautiful and classy Cocker Spaniel from the 1955 film, Lady and the Tramp? Lady ranks in the top 40 for both pup and kitty names. 
  5. Willow — Willow is the wise and caring grandmother and willow tree in the 1995 animated musical,  Pocahontas. The Indian Princess would often go to her grandmother for advice. Willow is the #28 most popular name for cats and #40 for dogs. 
  6. Jasmine — Jasmine is the free-spirited and headstrong Princess of Agrabah in the Disney film Aladdin (1992). The name Jasmine rankshighly for cats and dogs, especiallywhen considering all the alternate spellings (Jasmin, Jazzmin, or Jazzmine).
  7. Sassy — Sassy is the bossy and pampered cat in Homeward Bound. She accompanied Shadow, who was listed earlier, and Chance, the goofy American bulldog on the incredible journey. As popular as the name Sassy is, maybe some of your sweet girls might also have a bit of sass? 
  8. Cleo — Cleo is the charming Goldfish in the animated flick Pinocchio, a 1940 Disney classic. She was never afraid to express her feelings by her facial expressions or twirls in her fishbowl. While a more popular amongst female cats, it still cracks the top 100 for pups as well. 
  9. Minnie — With iconic Mickey Mouse making the list for top male pets, it’s not shocking his classy and cheerful girlfriend, Minnie, would make the list for female cats and dogs. Mickey and Minnie have been sweethearts since 1928. 
  10. Alice — The central character in the 1951 Disney movie, Alice in Wonderland, Alice is known as a very curious girl. Alice is popular pet name, mostly for female cats. What’s that saying about curiosity and cats? Alice in Wonderland

Honorable Mention – Too Disney To Ignore

While the above list wraps up the most popular Disney-inspired pet names, another handful of names are so recognizable that, when spoken, it is nearly impossible for one to think of anything other than the Disney movies in which these well-known characters starred. The following are a list of names exclusively attributable to Disney. 

Male Names       

  • Olaf 
  • Nemo 
  • Bambi 
  • Aladdin  
  • Simba     

Female Names

  • Nala 
  • Lilo 
  • Ariel
  • Maleficent  
  • Elsa

These Disney-inspired names are just a drop in the enormous sea of Disney characters. Although, there are loads of lovable characters to choose from, our policyholders have chosen perfect and well-deserved names for their furry pals. 


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